Cleansing Spinach Pineapple Smoothie

Heyah hello! May this blog post find you in great health. Speaking of it, the purpose of this blog is to address your dear system that keeps us able to do many of the things we love the most. It is important to ensure our great personal health, specially through the food we eat or... Continue Reading →


Fried Shrimp Toast

A very typical appetizer in Angolan parties is what we call in Portuguese rissóis de camarão, which is basically a fried wheat flour dough stuffed with shrimp cream. Recipe to come soon in the blog. Let me tell you they are delicious, but it takes a while to make them. There is a ton of... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Marble Cake

The human being memory is absolutely amazing. There are  some amazing dishes that brings out the best memories on us. I am sure I have spoken about this before because most of the dishes take me back to some pretty awesome places. The Chocolate Marble cake takes me back to some sweet memories. It used... Continue Reading →

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

Afternoons with the family and/or friends deserve a nice tasty cake. I am sure there are plenty of people who back up my previous sentence. Coffee and crumble cakes are very appropriate for such occasion specially when paired with a perfect cup of tea. By the way, what is your favorite tea? I think mine... Continue Reading →

Almond Berries Tart

If you ask me what is the easiest dessert in the world, I will tell you passion fruit or chocolate mousse. I know there are other easier recipes, like zabaglione, however I have done the mousse so many times that pretty much tops my list. The recipe is very nice and brings back some pretty... Continue Reading →

Baked Mini Chorizo Spanish Tortillas

Baked Spanish tortillas or omelettes are very much popular and so convenient for fast meals. It is the perfect dish when you are in a hurry and cannot have a breakfast in the table with the family. Although you can find many recipes online about it, the secret to baked omelettes is in your hands... Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash Salad

You know that morbid wish you have to eat a nice vegetable dish at night? Happens to me once in a while. I am no vegetarian or vegan, but I do enjoy a nice delicious plate of vegetables. It is a nice dish, perfect for the times I don't feel like eating too much. Sure... Continue Reading →

Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce

Food overstocking is one of the societies' main problems nowadays. People fail to analyze their shopping pattern and end up falling into the same trap countless times. The food bought ends up expired or spoiled. Some items are also too sensitive having only around a week after it is opened. This is the weekly saga. It... Continue Reading →

Cinco de Mayo Tres Leches Cake

Happy Cinco de Mayo! The date is celebrated because of the Mexican Army victory over French forces at Battle of Puebla. Obviously in Angola celebrations on this day are null, but since I lived in the Louisiana I remember being accompanied by a nice glass of margarita, chilaquiles, guacamole, salsa and a burrito. Today I am... Continue Reading →

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