Food Break: The Emotional Shield

Today is the day you decided to stand for something you had not done in a while. You decided it was time to set yourself free from the cage you created long ago. You finally decided to stand for yourself and to become a better version of you. But for that to happen, you need... Continue Reading →


Easter Dishes

Happy Easter to You! Easter is delicious date to be celebrated with your loved ones. The history behind this date is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as said in the New Testament. Many customs were created to represent the day, one of the cool ones was the egg decorating. It is a great activity for... Continue Reading →

A Couscous Salad for Life

I consider myself lucky for having being introduced to culinary from all over the world by my dad. He always introduced us to culinary from all over the world, and it was quite an adventure for the whole family. Chinese food was the first one to be introduced, and it was so nice I even... Continue Reading →

Proudly Presenting the Butternut Squash Cream

Ever wonder why butternut squash has this funny name? I did and it is definitely not surprising why it is called that way. Guess why? Nothing?! Oh fine, I'll tell you. It relates to the texture and the flavor of the squash.  "Smooth as a butter and sweet as nut" according to Dorothy Leggett. The recipe... Continue Reading →

Creating Perfectly Fluffy Potato Pancakes

Savory pancakes and crepes make our meals one step closer to the savory bliss. They are fast to make and delicious. Let us not forget how delicious the pancakes are when paired with warm syrup, blueberries, chocolate, and many awesome combination. They are the regular to-go comfort breakfast. How happy we all get from the... Continue Reading →

Recommended Homemade Flour Tortillas

Thinking back about US, I remember the wonderful food I tried there. Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese were a part of my daily life. Although I did not enjoy Mexican food all that much, with the exception of guacamole, I still miss pico de gallo, burritos, carnitas, tres leches, tacos, enchiladas and many others.... Continue Reading →

Delicious Chocolate Pancakes to Try Now

I absolutely love chocolates, no matter the type (white, dark, milk) or additional ingredients (nuts, dried fruits, cookies, mint, etc). My favorite of them all will have to be the milk chocolate with any sort of cookies. It is the crunchiness of the cookies mixed with the velvety and sweet taste of chocolate takes me... Continue Reading →

Potato and Celery Cream

We go around life trying to find things that will makes us feel good and perhaps gives meaning to it. The latter one require an introspection, and perhaps time to analyze what we have in our hands. If you want to find something to make you feel good, you can do it easily. Small gestures... Continue Reading →

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