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2 Ingredient Healthy Smoothie: Mango + Pitaya

I am glad to say that I live in a country with probably the most perfect weather. The country is Angola, if you forgot πŸ™‚ We are blessed with sun nearly nine months of the year, and very nice fruits and vegetables. Thankfully for our delight, December is here and with it only good things come. One of the top tropical fruits in my list, MANGO. Crazy delicious mango. I can feel my stomach bubbling just by the thought of it. Perhaps I have a crazy stomach in love with mango. Then again, who does not love this fruit? πŸ™‚ It is so refreshing and full of flavor. Packing the all summer in it, mango is impossible to resist.

Nowadays we have been consuming this weird looking but delicious super-fruit named Pitaya, commonly known as Dragon Fruit. It is a little hard to explain the taste of it, but it is a mixture of kiwi and beets. The most common pitayas in Angola are the white flesh (pitaya blanca) and the red blesh pitaya (pitaya roja). Although the pitaya roja stains the lips, hands and everything it gets in contact with, it is my favorite of them all. The strange fruit pitaya is full of vitamins, antioxidants and fiber, which helps with the digestive system.

Imagine a combination of mango and pitaya. It is both delicious and refreshing. Healthy choice as well as it incorporates a super-fruit with the tasty mango. I had a pitaya laying around and the house was filled with mango, so a smoothie was calling for me. The best part of this is only two ingredients are needed. No Β water, no juice, no added sugar. Nothing, only pitaya and mango.


You will need one medium pitaya and a mango, cut them up and place them in the blender or a food processor if it is easier. Blend it for around a minute and then add cubes of ice or just consume it the way it is. So easy and fast, your body will thank you for the healthy choice.

It is so delicious, you will love it. Enjoy it.

Until next time, Hungry People.




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