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4 Delicious Breads for Valentine’s Day

Bread, bread, bread. Who can resist it? I am unable for sure, specially a nice looking and tasty one. I find it hard to resist bread. During a trip to Portugal in 2010 I was unable to recognize myself as I basically wanted to consume all sorts of bread. Even the simplest bread was impressing my stomach. I was a bit wild for bread during that trip, but I got it under control. Just don’t put rustic bread, olive bread, baguettes, anything bread related in front of me 🙂


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and bread is always a must during the meals in that day, and every other one as well. According to the post Yeast Essentials, the secret to most dough is the method of yeast activation. More specifically the temperature. If you were unable to get a look into that, look into it before you start preparing any of the recipes below.

There are several of nice recipes online, but these ones spoke to me the most. Instead of relying in a store bought bread, make it one yourself. When the bread is done by you, it takes more care, love and creativity from your side. This adds identity to the bread, and the results from the bread making will amaze you. And in this beautiful day, share the results with your loved one 😀

1. Rustic Bread from Foodal


Looks like I might not be the only one obsessed with this bread. Look at the tunneling in this Rustic Bread. All this thanks to yeast. The bread has the perfect crust, tunneling and salt amount. Perfect to eat it plain or toasted with your favorite tuna cream. You can add your partners favorite herbs into the dough to give a personal touch to it.

Sure you are going to come with excuses about the morning bread making but guess what? You can prepare this nice bread in the previous nigh and bake it in the morning. Nina-Kristin Isensee at the Foodal came with the perfect recipe that will dazzle your partner’s and your stomach early in the morning.

2. Pita Bread from Mel’s Kitchen


One of the most versatile types of bread, Pita. Once baked, you can transform it into a pizza, chips, sandwiches or whatever crazy idea you have. It can be done in the oven or in pan. I particularly like doing it in the pan because it shortens the waiting time to eat these goodies. The best of it is that you can watch you pita rise slowly as your taste buds think of the combination to go with it. Check out Mel’s Kitchen Cafe website for a nice and easy pita dish. Let the pita rock your Valentine’s Day breakfast.

3. Bagels from A Beautiful Mess


The baked good, bagel is quite mysterious. It is not like bread which has a nice crust but a crumbly middle. The bagel, a Polish baked good, is a like a very chewy, doughy and hard doughnut. I should say it is more like a confused doughnut, as it resembles the shape but not everything else.

Bagels are a bit tricky to make because they have to be boiled and then baked. However you are in the good hands of A Beautiful Mess blog. Emma Chapman has a surprise in box for you. I am sure you and your partner will not want to let go of these beautiful bagels.

4. Olive Bread from the Foodness Gracious


Olive Bread is one of the tastiest breads ever. I tried the first time in Portugal, a delicious and unforgettable dish. It makes for a perfect combination of yeast and cured olives, specially if they are homemade.

Gerry from Foodness Gracious really caught me by surprise. What a nice cook with creative and innovative ideas. I was browsing for some different types of bread, and I have encountered a website full of recipes that look delicious. This amazing olive bread was one of them. Easily done and with the twist of olives. The crust of the bread and the olive dough will make your family and friends ask you for more. Get your bread the game into another level and impressed the hell out of your partner.

No excuses for not having a nice bread in the Valentine’s Day Breakfast. You know about yeast from the post Yeast Essentials. Now your knowledge is great for some pretty great recipes. Impress yourself and your partner by doing these amazing breads for breakfast or other meal. Make it an unforgettable and tasty Valentine’s day.

Until next time, Hungry People.

Feature photo: Pixabay


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