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5 Free Food Stock Photos Websites, No Lie

What is the first thing that caught your attention when you saw this post? Besides the tittle of the post, I am going to bet it was the nice photo. There is a reason why beautiful photos are a must in the industry of the blogs nowadays. If taking photos is one of the things you lack training or a task you have to improve (just like I do), then perhaps you should look into other options.

It is of great importance to always improve yourself, more specifically your skills. Learning is a never ending process, and it should be applied as well in the skill department. There is always room for improvement in the photography business, and you should take advantage of that. You can always take photography classes / lessons from professional photographers or your friends who are awesome at it.

Lessons for many skills cost some money and time, and if you are lacking any of them, I would recommend using free stock photos. There are several websites with high quality photos, and the only thing you have to do is to look for the perfect one that suits your blog post. It is the perfect temporary solution for those who are still on the process of improving photography skills, but have started a business already.


I have to say that I am a big fan of free stock photos ♥, specially when it comes to broad blog posts (self-improvement / health / beauty). The posts have a more appealing / professional look, and makes the reader want to click on it, or I should say engaged. If you love sharing your content, you will want to have high quality photos to increase engagement of your viewers. I find stock photos extremely useful specially for the ingredients on the dishes.

There are plenty of photos online that would be great for just about any blog posts, but you might want to stop for a second before you decide to download and use the photos. Although the photos are available to anyone online, the author / photographer needs to authorize you to use his / her photos. He / she needs to protect his / her work by seeing if it is advantageous for him / her to provide you with access. Otherwise you could just buy the photos. This whole process should be done in a proper way to avoid any sort of lawsuits.


As a blogger or any type of profession, credibility is everything and seeing someone steal our work is not one of the best feelings. Avoid doing it at any costs without authorization.

Since the internet is vast, you can always look for free stock photo websites. Most photos are authorized to be used commercially, but make sure it says so in order to avoid any problems. For food bloggers, I would highly recommend using the following websites as they are very user friendly and the photos are of high quality.


5 FREE Food Stock Photos


I compiled a simple search “Cake” on all of the websites so you can have a better feeling / view into some photos contained in them.


Pixabay is my favorite stock photos website!♥♥ It was funded by two German gentleman, Hans Braxmeier and Simon Steinberger with the purpose of sharing a collection of personal photos. It has high quality photos, and is covered by a Creative Commons zero license (you can copy, modify redistribute and use it commercially). It has a vast variety of photos, graphics and illustrations in several departments such as cooking, landscape, nature, animals and others. Feel FREE to visit the website to enrich your beautiful blog post 😀



Unsplash is another copyright-free photography website covered as well by the Creative Commons zero license. WOHOOO for another website with photos for FREE usage 😀 Can you believe that in December 2016 there were 1 billions photos viewed just in one website? How great is that? It should be motivation enough for you to take a look. Go ahead, I can hardly wait to hear you thoughts 😀 🙂


Meringues and cream with raspberries

Free Food Photos has delicious photos for your viewers eyes♥. The website was created by foodies like you who found it a must to have great food photos available online. The quantity of photos in the website is small compared to Pixabay / Unplash, but the quality is great nonetheless. The free stock photos have a very nice light and contrast worth placing into a blog post or for printing purposes. Look at this beauty on the right side 😀



PicJumbo was created by Viktor Hanacek for sharing photos online for FREE. A great addition to your free stock photos website collection. The important point about PicJumbo is that photo redistribution is punishable. The reason behind that is the website makes money with ads, just like most of the bloggers do. If redistribution is done improperly, the website cannot monetize their work. However there is a ray of shine in this, you can do the redistribution for a price, like most things. Check out the website. 😉



Pexels with more than 30,000 free stock photos of all categories for you to indulge one, was created by Bruno and Ingo Joseph in 2014. The moto from Pexels is to empower creators with their amazing photos with the Creative Commons zero license. It is a very organized, and user friendly. The photos will enchant you from the first minute you look at them, and dazzle your viewers. Do you think they are ready? Of course 😉


BONUS Website!


Foodies Feed: cannot be forgotten at all. It is Foodies Heaven ♥. The free stock photos are realistic as described by the website, and I am not sure I agree with it. If that is realistic, than I do not know what my photos are. There is nothing more real than my photos hahah. Coming back to reality, the photos have a natural color to them, and seem to have been touched very lightly. Just like the Pic Jumbo, you cannot sell or resell the photos. There is a premium photos package which you can buy. Use the content as the website allows, and you will enjoy the awesomely inspiring FREE photos.

That is it for now. Meanwhile you are improving your photography skills, I hope you enjoy these free stock photos websites  and they manage to climb up to the top of your musts to embellish your blog.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I was always lost in my bad photos, until I found these websites. It helped me a lot and I hope it helps you too 🙂

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