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My name is Eliana and an Angolan who lived for a while in the USA but returned now to Angola. I speak both English and Portuguese. While in the USA, I had wonderful life experiences especially when it came to food. From a young age, I had always been involved with food but the USA really opened my eyes to the beautiful and diverse world of culinary 🙂

Thanks to my early life experiences and life in the USA, I increase the love experimenting new dishes from all different origins. Until today, I consider the food to be a major part of a culture and probably the best way to know one. The reason behind this thought is for the fact that whenever you share a dish from someone’s native country, you get to know its origin and all sorts of stories around it. All the preparation of the dish, how it came to exist, how it used to be cooked in the past, why was it invented, and the people that ate it. So much can come out over one dish that it could fill up a book with all the stories involved. This is also a part of the reasons why I love to travel. Increasing my multicultural taste in food is one of objectives in my life.

It will not come as a surprise to you when I say that cooking is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. Seeing someone enjoy a dish I made is on top of the list of best feelings in life. You see your effort rewarded instantly. However my love for food does not stop there, it goes beyond it. I appreciate every little step necessary to make a dish fantastic. When I say that, I mean from the boring task of cleaning up the fish or seafood to the plating of the dish. Although, I am not yet good at plating the dish, I still do it. The whole cooking process is rewarding when my loved ones and I take a bite of the dish and realize that the meat/fish is in perfect harmony with the seasoning and all elements surrounding it.

Everyday is a challenge for everyone to try to do something new, and to improve yourself. Everyone’s life is a roller coaster, and it is up to us to decide on how to respond to the ups and downs of the ride. It is a hard ride, but one that is joyful and can teach us if we pay attention to the situations. I like to think that it is a great opportunity to better ourselves in order to become the best versions that we can be to ourselves and consequently the others.

Making people happy should be everyone objectives of a day. One smile, food dish, dance, laugh, conversation shared could potentially change someone life, even if the person is a stranger. You never know what your soul can do to someone else’s, maybe the person can even change to become their best selves. Without any additionally harm to yourself, your actions can make other people happy and you as well. A smile can change your life.

I am hoping with this blog to spread around some pretty delicious dishes I have tried, and hoping your feedback at the end. Your ideas can make mine better, or I can contribute to some good change in your recipes. At least I hope to accomplish that 🙂 I also hope to share some of my trips and experiences I have had with people. Some people really have great impact in life, making it better.

Come along with us and be HUNGRY, for food, knowledge, experiences, etc. Enjoy the ride with me. Don’t forget to subscribeeeee 😀


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    1. I am so glad you like my blog. I am working hard to make it better everyday and it is nice to see someone appreciating it. You made my day 😀

      I agree with you Rhonda. Those are the important things in life. The ones that give meaning to it, and of course food as well 😀

    1. Muito obrigada pelo elogio!

      Estou quase a po-las no blog, mas ando numa pequena mudanca pessoal. Ja ja estarao online 😀

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