Awesome Valentine’s Gifts for Foodies

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you have yet to find a gift. You could go for the traditional flowers, perfumes, dinner, jewelry, shirts, watches, I mean the list is endless. Let us be frank, who does not enjoy these gifts? Sure everyone loves those gifts, but would it not be much fun if you actually got something that matched your partners exact taste? Specially if she/he is a food lover. A person who enjoy both eating and cooking amazing meals.

There are some pretty awesome gifts you can offer a food lover, especially one who loves to experiment immensely. A large numbers of gadgets. condiments, books, clothes are available as gifts, but here are the ones that could pretty much amaze your partner.

Chocolate Gift Box

Assorted Chocolate Box: I am yet to meet another person who dislikes chocolate. I must stay the velvety texture and sweet flavor embrace me in a blanket of love. In this beautiful day, impress your loved one with some fantastic and tasty box of chocolates from Godiva, Russell Stover or any other brand you deem good.Chocolate are the easiest route to show a foodie you love her/him.


Vegetable Spiralizer: I love this gadget because plenty of times I have a hard time cutting the vegetables perfectly. It makes the vegetables perfect for zucchini noodles, stir-fries,  cucumber ribbon strands and many more. This can all be done by hand, but everyone needs a break from the knifes sometimes 🙂

Cast Iron Skillets

Cast Iron Skillets: Probably part of the top 5 best skillets as its heat retention properties. these skillets are great for making upside down cakes, frittatas, cornbread. Certain dishes should be avoided when using the cast iron skillet, but overall is a good skillet to have at home. There are certain care to take with this amazing product, but you can find it all in Bon Apettit. Once you get a hang on how to use it, you will not want anything else. Use it with care.


Fondue Set: Do you remember the first time you went out to eat fondue, the melted cheese or chocolate touched you tongue, and you felt like heaven? Now you can have that experience together with your loved one at home. As a couple you can be creative using this set, and come up with the perfect combination for both of you. With the large quantity and quality of sets available in the market, you will not have a problem finding the perfect one to dip your strawberry into melted chocolate.

Cuisine R-Evolution

Molecular Gastronomy Kit: Molecular Gastronomy is a field in the culinary world that takes a deeper look into the transformations of the ingredients during the cooking process. For example, it investigates how the temperature and pressure affect certain ingredients and their properties. But it goes beyond that, you can make some pretty cool recipes at home. Have you ever tried chocolate spaghetti or fruit spheres for your recipes? Well, this Cuisine R-Evolution is the perfect gift if you love to venture into this fantastic adventurous world cooking is.


Jewelry: Despite my rant on the top, your partner will still be expecting some jewelry of some sort. Lets face it, society has made us get used to these little things that an event without it “almost” becomes meaningless (bare in mind my exaggeration). However avoid going to the conventional Valentine’s day jewelry. Delicacies Jewelry is a line of jewelry inspired in food. It offers peculiar designs for pendants or bracelets, but using food as their shape. There you can personalize your gift to your partner’s taste. If you know your partner loves parsley or tomato, you can have it as a pendant. How cool is that? In addition to that, many of the ingredients have special meaning. The simple and meaningful ingredients will speak to the inner foodie in her/him.

The list of gifts are endless, the above items were only to give an idea of what you can offer your foodie loved one. All of us like to feel loved one way or another. If you cannot buy a gift for your partner, make an amazing meal for her/him and make this night unforgettable. Many times our partner don’t really need gifts, all they need is our love. Let’s spread the love around in form of food.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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