Summer Tips: Mastering Barbecue (BBQ) II

Hello there, Hungry People! Summer time is sure a great time for barbecuing, so lets us continue with mastering it. Last post I spoke about the grills and barbecue accessories. It is important to have a good research done before any purchase is done. This is a key step for a successful barbecue.

Part of a barbecue is to have a menu planned out before the planned day. You will need to buy some coal, beverages, ice, plastic utensils, bread, etc. However there is something more special that I would like to talk about. FOOD. You knew that was coming. Below you will find a couple of suggestions for your next barbecue. I hope they will be great addition to it.

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Summer Tips: Mastering Barbecue (BBQ) I

Hello Hungry People! 😀 I hope this Summer is going great with all of you. Today we start a new series of Mastering Barbecue (BBQ). This fun and delicious family activity sometimes delivers poor results due to lack of knowledge on the barbecue game. Most of us just grill for the fun of grilling, but sometimes the meat / fish comes out very dried and tasteless. It is really depressing especially if you are trying to impress your stomach 😀

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Summer Tips: Salad Dressings

Summer is the time to explore several types of salad, and of course dressings. You can find countless options in the condiments isle for dressings, but homemade versions taste much better and the control is on point. Have you tried an overly sweet honey mustard dressing? If not, I am sure you found another one which had a little too much of sweetness or spiciness. You will not have to worry about these issues anymore. Homemade dressings are in your control just like anything done at home would be.

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Summer Tips: Berries Sangria Smoothie

Hello, Hungry People. Today I want to ask a questions before getting started. What are the fruits that reminds you the most of summer? Tropical fruits are probably on top of your head as they are equal to that beautiful sunny season. Plus they pack so much flavor, the tropical fruits can take you on a trip to Angola, Brazil or the Caribbeans. However there is something about berries that takes me back to past summers in a blink of an eye.

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Summer Tips: Salads With Fruits

This is the point when finally we can combine all the vegetables and fruits. Well, not all the vegetables. Just lettuce, spinach, watercress and arugula with fruits. The latter can be any fruit you would wish, so as long as it is in full harmony with the rest of the salad. The best part is grilled fruits can be added to the recipe for a complete different flavor and texture.

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Summer Tips: Grill ON

A grilled chicken packs so much flavor from the coal / wood chips and its seasoning , which deliver such delightful experience. Probably one of the best forms of cooking, and provides me with the greater feelings for food. Besides being delicious, grilled food is also much healthier for you when compared with fried food. Grilling should be a must in all of the seasons, specially in the summer. The season is perfect to be outdoors enjoying the sun and the nice breeze from the ocean. Sorry, I was imagining myself in my future beach house 😀

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Summer Tips: Lemonade Showers

Summer is a great season to enjoy a nice glass of fruit-infused water. It is a very important fluid for our bodily functions as mentioned on Summer Tips: Fruit-Infused Water. However let us not forget to enjoy some refreshing sweet drinks. One of them that screams “SUMMER” to me is the lemonade. A simple drink which requires only 3 ingredients: water, sugar / honey and lemon juice. This beautiful drink has the capacity to deliver us with sweetness and tanginess.

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Summer Tips: Fruit-Infused Water

Staying hydrated during the summer turns out to be a difficult task. We get so busy and excited for the activities ahead that we sometimes forget to grab a glass of water. To some people is even harder to consume water because they dislike the taste of it. Perhaps I should say that they dislike the fact it has no taste 🙂 Plenty of times, the solution is a fruit based drink, smoothie / shake, or a soda. Freshly squeezed juices are really good for you because of the amount of nutrients and vitamins contained in them. But remind yourself that there is no substitute for water.

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Summer Tips: Grocery Shopping

Summer time has arrived for the Northern Hemisphere of the World, while the Southern is now experiencing some pleasant cold like here in Angola. Although the weather is cold for us nationals, the cold season in Angola does not compare with the rest of the world. 21 °C (70 °F) is still considered summer for some people, so Angola is blessed when it comes to weather seasons.

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