DIY: 5 Perfect Homemade Scrubs

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||EN|| Exfoliation as you know is a process to remove old dead skin cells from the dermis. For a beautiful healthy skin, those old cells need to give space for new ones to come out. Otherwise the skin will be left without shine and dry and prone to clogged pores. It is important you keep exfoliating your face and body despite not having the microbeads exfoliators.

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Food Break: October Pink Awareness

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||EN|| One of hardest things in life is to lose someone you love. In my family, this disease has taken two loved members. For the people close by, it is hard to see their loved one losing their strength and shine for what it seems to be a fraction of seconds. This silent killer has been taken people from their family for years, but its present has increase dramatically during the past decade. Raising awareness it is the first step to fight it. Let’s talk about the C disease, Cancer.

According to Wikipedia, cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body.  Some takes years to develop and to show any symptoms such as abnormal bleeding and unexplained weight loss.  There are several types of cancer (more than 100), as it can attack any part of the body. The one I would like to talk in specific is breast cancer, since we are at the month of October. Although I think it should be a topic for every month, it is important to talk about it now since it is at the highest peak of the wave.

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Bye Microbeads, Hello Homemade Goodies

||EN|| Bet you have heard that plastic microbeads are going to be forbidden in beauty products starting July 2017 in the US. Some beauty and dental care products have those beads in their composition to aid with the cleaning process. If your favorite scrub contains polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene, you are probably unconsciously littering the environment. It is surprising how something so small like microbeads can have such a big impact in the world we live in.

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Why is Magical that Word? What Word? Coconut!

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||EN|| There are many blog posts about the Cocos nucifera oil, most commonly known as coconut oil. If you type “coconut oil” right now on Google Search, you will find at least 30 million articles with it. It became a big sensation a few years ago. However it is far older than you think, and part of Ayurveda medicine. It is said that it is a miracle oil for skincare, culinary and hair. Who would have thought one single chemical, or oil would bring such wonders to the world.

Coconut oil is usually solid a room temperature (below 30 °C) due to its high content of saturated fat. It is made out of the exotic coconut fruit using several processes in the industry, however the methods mostly used at home are the wet mill, cold process and boiling the coconut.

Coconut and Oil

The three methods are very well explained with some illustrations attached to guide you throughout the process. It is fairly easy to do as long as patience is one of the traits you have. Remember that most of the things done at home gives you control over the ingredients in it, instead of buying the store version. For people who have difficulties in getting or no access to foreign goods but have available coconut, then I say there is no better version than homemade. Visit the WikiHow page for information on how to make it homemade.

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