DIY: 5 Perfect Homemade Scrubs

|Bilingual Post-Artigo Bilíngue| ||EN|| Exfoliation as you know is a process to remove old dead skin cells from the dermis. For a beautiful healthy skin, those old cells need to give space for new ones to come out. Otherwise the skin will be left without shine and dry and prone to clogged pores. It is important you... Continue Reading →


Food Break: October Pink Awareness

||Bilingual Post|| ||EN|| One of hardest things in life is to lose someone you love. In my family, this disease has taken two loved members. For the people close by, it is hard to see their loved one losing their strength and shine for what it seems to be a fraction of seconds. This silent... Continue Reading →

Bye Microbeads, Hello Homemade Goodies

||EN|| Bet you have heard that plastic microbeads are going to be forbidden in beauty products starting July 2017 in the US. Some beauty and dental care products have those beads in their composition to aid with the cleaning process. If your favorite scrub contains polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene, you are probably unconsciously littering the environment.... Continue Reading →

Why is Magical that Word? What Word? Coconut!

|Bilingual Post-Artigo Bilíngue| ||EN|| There are many blog posts about the Cocos nucifera oil, most commonly known as coconut oil. If you type "coconut oil" right now on Google Search, you will find at least 30 million articles with it. It became a big sensation a few years ago. However it is far older than you... Continue Reading →

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