Food Break: The Emotional Shield

Today is the day you decided to stand for something you had not done in a while. You decided it was time to set yourself free from the cage you created long ago. You finally decided to stand for yourself and to become a better version of you. But for that to happen, you need to get rid of some baggage you may have.

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Food Break: Guide to Judgement-Free Encounters

First encounters tend to be remarkable to us, especially when we meet someone whom we find attractive or interesting. The shape of their eyes, lips, nose, face, body and the sound of their voice echo in our mind and ears. Perhaps during that moment you will notice they have a black dot in their left cheek or one of their eyebrows is slightly higher than the other. Their laugh is a bit acute than some people you know. The words seem to come out sweeter from their lips, and boy do they sound relatable. After some minutes you have already formed an idea about that person. Imaginably you would like to spend the rest of your life with that person, or you just concluded that they are a bit too snobbish for you. No matter the conclusions you made about this person, you might be going to the road of deception. So try not let it consume you. I should rather say, do not let it cloud your judgement. Let your mind gates opened.

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Food Break: The Dutchman

Once upon a time there was a very nice man whom I will refer as the Dutchman. His origin was as obvious as his given name, the land of the Tulips, Netherlands. Tall as a light post with hair color that reminded me of a yellow carrot for some reason, and his face revealed the story of a man who had been throughout the world.

People have always fascinated me, specially if they have a great heart and personality. Perhaps I should say their experiences or stories kept my eyes and ears opened. I was so eager to know about them. As the box containing stories opened, the face of the story teller illuminated with all colorful feelings transporting me to a new wonderful world of adventure.

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Food Break: The bad Wolf

It matter not whether it fled or not, there was no way out. Ceasing the pursuit was out of the question for the bad wolf. Tiring was not a state for the wolf. Reaching this stage was almost impossible for him. The most important point was the chase.

The game for him was never ending, despite being stuck or locked up. The chains kept him free in his mind, thoughts and howl. He was looking for something to make him feel alive again, to break the routine. The current prey presented some of the needed features.

Gazing upon the prey gave the wolf a sense of challenge, control and future ownership. For the viewers, his eyes reveal one thing only, insatiable hunger. The one takes over your senses.

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Food Break: Why Aren’t You Living the Dream Life Yet?

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” by Walt Disney

Dream life. What is your dream life? Why do you classify it as such? What are you doing towards that dream life? Are you truly living up to your potential? Are your current daily activities leading ultimately to your dream life? Everyday questions that we must ask ourselves, especially when someone close to you who was full of dreams passes away.

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