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Delicious Easter Dishes To Try

Happy Easter to You!

Easter is delicious date to be celebrated with your loved ones. The history behind this date is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as said in the New Testament. Many customs were created to represent the day, one of the cool ones was the egg decorating. It is a great activity for the family, especially the kids. In my country Angola, the celebration stays only on the food side, no egg decoration nor hunting. This day is to be spent with the family and enjoying a nice feast.

There is a large number of wonderful and delicious Easter recipes around the world, so I will be sharing today one of my favorites. In an Easter lunch/dinner there should needs to be three things: eggs, leavened goods and lamb. Before I start presenting the recipes tell me something, what are the essential dishes that should be present on your Easter celebration? I would love to hear the whys those were the chosen ones.

Easter Traditional Dishes


Deviled Eggs: Crowd pleaser! Easy and versatile as many toppings can be added to the cooked egg whites. You pick a topping and the rest happens with magic. Nope! How I wish it would be so. Eggs are easy to make, but you need to come up with enticing toppings that get incorporated with the egg yolks. You will want something that will increase the taste of the egg. Make the traditional cream, tuna, salmon, avocado, chilli, shrimp topping/filling. A great appetizer for your favorite guest to be dazzle with a simple but delicious dish. Check out the recipe for Classic Deviled Eggs on Food Network.


Hot Cross Buns: A nice yeasty dough with spices and raisins. There are a few variations of the buns such as a chocolate, coffee and apple/cinnamon addition. Hot Cross Buns can be done with the ingredients you want (dried fruits or chocolate), the only important thing to keep in mind is the ratio to be added. The cross can done with dough, egg whites or cream cheese. Beautiful recipe from The Pioneer Woman with detailed instructions to follow for a perfect bun.


Chocolate Babka: The idea of a holiday for me is a yeasty baked good that makes everyone feel nice and wanting more, and a chocolate dessert that can make the cycle complete. Babka is the exact mixture of a yeasty dough with chocolate filling topped with a chocolate glaze. It is like the nut roll in the picture above, but with chocolate. If you know the basics of yeast, you are off to a good start. Reminds me very much of cozonac, the Romanian version. Working out the dough for the babka and filling it up with the chocolate will improve your bread making techniques and make your Easter 2017 remarkable. Check out Food an Wine website for this fantastic recipe.


Roasted Lamb: One of the tastiest meats in the world and a requirement in the house. A simple seasoning will elevate its taste to another level. Lamb meat is very tender and has a very strong smell and flavor that does not please everyone. Many times as I said before, a dish is seasoned wrongly and there is very little care with the meat that it ends up being a mess. This transmits to the eater a very unappetizing experience. The perfect seasoning needs to be concocted before the piece of lamb goes to the oven. All the juices should be packed to maintain the meat succulent for lunch or dinner. Jamie Oliver’s recipe for a Roaster Leg of Lamb will definitely be a great addition to your beautiful meal. Let the Rose and Mary take you away.

There you go, some of the recipes to be done during Easter, or other Holiday. Next holiday I will present a delicious folar mom has been doing since ever. It is also a leavened dough with a twist of meat and chorizo. The chocolate babka will definitely be presented here at the house. I think we need a change in the menu. May your Easter be as delicious as the dishes presented above. Enjoy it.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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