Food Break: 5 Useful Tips for Old Perfumes

There are always times in which we find ourselves buying something that we actually have little need for at that moment. I am sure you have noticed that when you go to the grocery store hungry, you end up buying more things than you actually need. This was the case for me, but not only with food. Let’s be frank. I overbuy food related things without being hungry. It’s food 🙂

Food is not a problem because you can always freeze it or donate it. The problem arises when you have spend hundreds of dollars in perfumes, for example and you do not take advantage of them. After a couple of years, you find yourself with a cabinet filled with perfumes you are afraid to use because they are a little too old.

I had a problem with that for a long time. I had a “horrible” shopping addiction for perfumes that made spend a large sum of money. Money I could have placed in better projects, let’s say that. Some of the perfumes I bought because they were on sale at the time, but they were only spray around 10 times.


The shopping perfume cycle happened  during the years I lived in Baton Rouge. When I returned to Luanda, I found myself with too many perfumes. A small group of them were quite old, and I was afraid of using them on my skin. Found myself lost into the midst of my rich perfume/fragrance collections without any apparent solution. If you are crazy for perfumes like me, you will be please with this blog post as it will help you save some money instead of throwing it away. The useful tips for old perfumes go beyond scenting your body.

5 Useful Tips for Old Perfumes


bed-18391831. Linens, curtains, carpets freshener: You can do that with Febreze or another freshener. But why spend money when you have a cabinet filled with old perfumes? Use them for the purpose. Spray it on the back of the curtains/carpets also on decorative pillows with some centimeters/inches  apart. Use your hand as a distance guide so you avoid having a stain in your linens.


2. Room decoration: Have you seen Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl? Besides smelling marvelous, the bottle is absolutely perfect for decorating. Once you used all your perfumes up either on you or on your linen/curtains/carpet, use the bottle for decoration. Be creative; the decoration can go beyond your room to the bathroom. It is a very nice look to it.


3.  Diffuser: Look at this nice diffuser on your left side. Now can you imagine it smelling like your old favorite perfumes?

It is a great idea to save money on buying diffusers. Mix up an unscented carrier oil (for example almond, grape seed) with the perfume of choice in a glass container and add the wooden sticks. This will leave your room smelling nicely for a while.


4. Wardrobe/closet freshener: Using old socks or cotton balls, spray some of your old perfume.

Place the socks/cotton balls inside sachet. This will help to improve your wardrobe/closet scent, and you will be saving some money as well.


5. Drawer freshener: Those ones are a tricky business. First question would be, what is the material you use for lining the drawers? At home we use old newspaper or wrapping paper. This is important if you want to use perfume to scent your drawers.

Spray your old perfume on the drawers, and line it up with some paper. After this is done, allow the drawer to breath a little and organize your clothes back. This will leave the drawers scented and your clothes as well, although with a milder smell.

Now you know 5 useful tips for your old perfumes. There is no need for you to throw them away, you can always use one of the tips for better usage. Another method would be not to buy so many perfumes. I know it is very tempting but at the end you are just going to be spending money on things you will only use a couple of times. If you think you are not going to use it as much as you thought, perhaps before opening think of someone who would appreciate this perfume. Plan your perfumes accordingly.

I hope the tips are going to be very useful to you, and you take advantage of them as much as you can. If you have any other way to use old perfumes, please share it 🙂

Until next time, Hungry People.


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