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Everyday is a battle for all of us to maintain our skin, hair, nails and body healthy. There are so many pollutants present that can damage any of the parts above mention. It is crucial to look after our skin, example, and even more to have all the information about the ingredients in the cosmetic products, scrubs and mask. The section will provide you with fun and interesting facts to make your everyday beauty routine better.

If you are a food lover, foodie or just food curious, come discover the secrets behind various dishes like Lobster Masala, Potato Pancakes, Passion Fruit Swirled Cake, etc. Explore the world of spices and dishes from all over the world. Learn the basics of iconic dishes containing calamari and shrimp. You will soon master the art of cooking.

As human beings, we should always strive to become better and better everyday. There is no shame in that. Believe me. This is why it is important to once in a while, recheck yourself and perhaps improve on the points which you think/feel should be improved. The section serves only to reminds to take a look into ourselves in order to become better world citizens.

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