How to Easily Devein and Peel Shrimp

Do you live close to the sea? If you do, then you are one lucky human being. You get to eat the most amazing seafood and fish retaining still the taste of the sea. Perhaps you should take advantage of your location to learn more about the different species of fish and seafood in your region. I am sure there is some delicious ones.

The best dishes made with shrimp are the ones with freshly caught from the sea. This is true with all the seafood, fish and pretty much everything else. It packs the flavor and identity of the whole dish. Many people live far away from the sea, and their only opportunity to eat seafood/fish is the frozen version. You can still have a tasty meal with frozen ingredients, but it will require additional seasoning for it to be at the top.

Eating freshly caught shrimp is great, but the issue with the freshly caught is that you need to take care of it very well. For the fish you will need to remove the scales and the guts. It needs to be properly cleaned otherwise you dish will have a very strong odor and unpleasant. The shrimp is a bit simpler to be cleaned as we will see. Everyone has their own way of doing it, but for me it depends on how I want to cook the shrimp. If the shrimp will be used in seafood rice, the I will take the shell out and then devein. If not, I would just devein it and leave the shell on. It really depends on the way you will cook the shrimp.

Method I

The first video of the website and I hope you will like it. It shows how to clean up your shrimp from step one to three. I would like to ask you to avoid looking at my nails, they look awful 🙂   A small slideshow is done below the video for you who have difficulties in seeing the video. This method I use whenever the dish is Paprika Shrimp or grilled Shrimp for example. It is easier to add the seasoning into the shrimp.


Step I

Shrimp in cold water

Leave the shrimp in iced water to help harden it and to facilitate the cuttings. The water I used had no ice cubes, but it was very cold because I left inside of the freezer.

Step II

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the shrimp from tail to head. The cut can vary depending on how the shrimp will be done. If you cut all the way down, it will be easier to clean the shrimp.

Step III

Remove the digestive tract. Once cleaned, put it back into the iced water bath. You can remove the shell if you want, but I like to keep it if I am going to grill them. Easy enough? 🙂

Method II

I prefer using Method II whenever the shrimp will be fried or cooked in a broth like Shrimp Masala. It tends to absorb the flavor of the marinates better than with shells. Although Method I is easier, this one does give out an amazing result in the dish.

Step I


Just like step one in the Method I, the shrimp needs to placed in cold or iced water to harden the shrimp.

Step II

Carefully pull the head of the shrimp from the body. Be careful when placing the hand on the head; you can be stung by the rostrum.

Step III

Run your fingers through the ventral area of the shrimp, and  slowly remove the shell until the end of the tail.

Step IV

Make a superficial cut on the dorsal part of the shrimp. Once the cut is done, remove the digestive tract running from the head to the tail.

Step V 


Clean the shrimp well, and place it into iced water bath.


I hope this post has been as educational as possible. Now that you are a professional at deveining and cleaning the shrimp, you are ready for your most perfect dishes.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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