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How to Prepare Calamari / Squid

How amazing it feels to eat a very nicely fried calamari dish. Crunchy, buttery and with perfect seasoning. It makes your taste buds ask for more and more. Like there is a disco party in your mouth. Love dishes like this! The sort that make your senses wake up and make you revisit old memories and create new ones.

Fried Calamari

The perfection on the seasoning and the texture of the dish makes you think the chef has some magical power, and added a secret ingredient into the recipe. Perhaps they did, a dash of extra cayenne pepper in the batter or coriander to give the final kick. Could it be in the type of flour used or maybe the parsley and lemon quantity? Forget it, they will not reveal the secret. However, I think we are in no rush to know that. We have this ride still to enjoy. I have the impression that is far simpler than the seasoning and the frying process. It is on the cleaning process. You didn’t know? 🙂

Look at these nice looking seafood, all cleaned and ready for cooking, but I will tell you that one of the critical tasks in the cooking world is the cleaning and handling of meat, fish and seafood. It requires a set of skills to cut the meat/fish/seafood properly and to handle it afterwards.

Throughout the years my parents got the family accustomed to seafood and fish. You know what that meant, right? We had to learn how to handle them. For example, every time mussels or clams were bought, we had to clean them up. It was required to pass the mussels through a water several times to get rid of the sand, and to remove as well with a knife the hair and any unwanted particle on them.

How I disliked those days, terrible tasks 🙂 But that was ages ago. I am so glad to have been involved in the cleaning process because it made me give value to the preparation process and to become a much better cook throughout the years.

Fresh Calamari


Calamari was not an exception on the list of seafood, but it was the easiest of them all. Squid, most commonly known as calamari, is an easy to handle cephalopod and yields to very good results once finished cleaning. The cephalopod consists of a mantle, beak and tentacles.

Squid Anatomy

The edible parts are only the mantle, tentacles and ink. You can make a very nice sauce with the ink, but that is for later. There are many ways you can cook a squid (whole, cut in pieces or sliced for fried calamari). However you need to know first how to clean it up. Nicely explained and you can see the critical steps.


  • Bowl with water
  • Wooden board
  • Sharp knife
  • Your beautiful HANDS 🙂

The video is available on YouTube through this link HERE!

Now you squid or calamari will be looking good. By the end of the process, should be looking at least like the squid on the right side. Clean and ready to be seasoned and fried, or sautéed. Click on Tasty Garlicky Seasonings and Dips for a nice seasoning for the squid.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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