Awesome Valentine’s Gifts for Foodies

All the best gifts for a food lover.


Apple Martini Crumble Cake

One simple question, who can resist an apple martini? Apple Martini, most commonly know as Appletini, is one of my favorites cocktails as it is mildly fruity with a hint of vodka and sugar. Although the cake presented does not contain the vodka, it is where the inspiration for the name of the cake came... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Muffins

There are a million types of deliciousness in this world that can soothe our hearts in a beat. Those deliciousness can bring us a sense of comfort and wonderful memories of childhood or even as adults, and who can resist them? The hardest thing to resist in the cooking world is the CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLAT. The creaminess... Continue Reading →

You Won’t Believe How Easy These Sticky Buns Are

There are certain types of dishes that are made for weekend breakfast. You know the ones that take longer to be done and require a little more work than your regular yogurt parfait and omelet. Because they involve more work and love, these fantastic dishes end up being at the top of the great breakfast... Continue Reading →

4 Delicious Breads for Valentine’s Day

Bread, bread, bread. Who can resist it? I am unable for sure, specially a nice looking and tasty one. I find it hard to resist bread. During a trip to Portugal in 2010 I was unable to recognize myself as I basically wanted to consume all sorts of bread. Even the simplest bread was impressing... Continue Reading →

Yeast Essentials

What is the most common ingredient in the different types of bread? No, not flour. Although perhpas you might be right about that. So what is the second most common? It is yeast! Did you know that it is alive? 😀 Yeast is an organism that belongs to the fungus kingdom. There are over a... Continue Reading →

Amaze Your Guests: Chorizo Stuffed Calamari

You will have some cool guests at home, and you know they love to eat just like you. By cool guests I mean your hungry family and friends. Yes, they are cool and amazing! So you need to make an awesome and delicious plate for them. They have already tested your nice cooking skills on Lobster... Continue Reading →

How to Prepare Calamari / Squid

How amazing it feels to eat a very nicely fried calamari dish. Crunchy, buttery and with perfect seasoning. It makes your taste buds ask for more and more. Like there is a disco party in your mouth. Love dishes like this! The sort that make your senses wake up and make you revisit old memories... Continue Reading →

Tasty Garlicky Seasonings and Dips

Garlic is part of the my MUST list of ingredients along side with black pepper. I love the taste in basically everything. Now you are in sync with garlic after reading the Cooking Basics III:  The Power of Garlic. Since sharing is caring, I would like to present to you a couple of recipes that... Continue Reading →

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