Cooking Basics Lesson IV: Vegetable Cooking Guide

Remember the nice oven baked seasoned carrots you were planning on eating? You imagined they would to be very tender and still crunchy. However the results were a disgrace because they were a bit overcooked? Yeah, I remember that as well. It is some of the many experiences in the kitchen with vegetables. With that said, Welcome... Continue Reading →


Pineapple Kissangua, A Fermented Drink

Lately I started to change my diet step by step. I wanted to see the results on my health short term so I can decided how to change my lifestyle, food habits. I have tried a week without meat, lowering the sugar and eating only white meat. The feeling was different every week, but I... Continue Reading →

Food Break: 5 Useful Tips for Old Perfumes

There are always times in which we find ourselves buying something that we actually have little need for at that moment. I am sure you have noticed that when you go to the grocery store hungry, you end up buying more things than you actually need. This was the case for me, but not only... Continue Reading →

Favorite: Codfish with Cream (Bacalhau com Natas)

Codfish with Cream deliciously known by Portuguese people as Bacalhau com Natas has always been one of my favorite codfish dishes in the whole world. Since the first time I tried, I have always wanted more and more. When I was younger mom used to make codfish with cream, I had to be there with... Continue Reading →

French Mother Sauce I: Béchamel Sauce

In the cooking/culinary world, there are several sauces you must master. No, forget ketchup or a mayonnaise sauce. We are talking about the main sauces, which are normally called French Mother Sauces. They are called that because of the important part they present to certain dishes. As a cook, or even an amateur cook, you... Continue Reading →

Food Break: The Emotional Shield

Today is the day you decided to stand for something you had not done in a while. You decided it was time to set yourself free from the cage you created long ago. You finally decided to stand for yourself and to become a better version of you. But for that to happen, you need... Continue Reading →

Delicious Easter Dishes To Try

Happy Easter to You! Easter is delicious date to be celebrated with your loved ones. The history behind this date is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as said in the New Testament. Many customs were created to represent the day, one of the cool ones was the egg decorating. It is a great activity for... Continue Reading →

A Couscous Salad for Life

I consider myself lucky for having being introduced to culinary from all over the world by my dad. He always introduced us to culinary from all over the world, and it was quite an adventure for the whole family. Chinese food was the first one to be introduced, and it was so nice I even... Continue Reading →

Proudly Presenting the Butternut Squash Cream

Ever wonder why butternut squash has this funny name? I did and it is definitely not surprising why it is called that way. Guess why? Nothing?! Oh fine, I'll tell you. It relates to the texture and the flavor of the squash.  "Smooth as a butter and sweet as nut" according to Dorothy Leggett. The recipe... Continue Reading →

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