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Saturday Thoughts: Loving Food

I was thinking today in yesterday’s lunch, one of my favorite things to eat during the working days. A nice piece of grilled fish. A lemon and garlic based seasoning revolves the fish to give a fresh and sharp flavor. After each bite, there is a mini explosion of flavors in my taste buds specially when paired with a saucy salsa and sweet potatoes. I live for these type of sensations, the ones that make you feel alive, happy and fulfilling inside.

Some time ago, I heard someone asking one of my friend if he worked to live or lived to work due to his crazy schedule. Thankfully my friend answered working to live. That would be the answer most of us would like to give whenever this is asked. But what would you answer if someone asked you if you lived to eat or ate to live? My answer would be really clear and fast: I LIVE TO EAT. Although it is mandatory to eat to stay alive, it should not stop anyone from enjoying the food about to be ingested.


A large group of people does not enjoy eating because of their routines. The lives are filled with work, gym, hobbies and eating becomes just another task. Just like breathing. I blame the whole “not appreciating” food on the time in our hands. If we perhaps slow down for a minute and enjoy the moment, perhaps eating would be more pleasureful to everyone. Taking a minute to feel the perfect consortium between different ingredients coming perfectly together.

When savoring a dish, it involves so much more than just a transportation of food with the fork, chewing and swallowing it. The sound, smell, texture and flavor of the dish contribute to a trip to an unknown place, the Foodiverse. All the flavors come together to provide you with an unforgettable wave of inexplicable feelings… Have you ever experienced this? I do, especially when the seasoning of a dish is right on point.

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

Food is so much more than what is in the plate. There is a whole history behind its production, and the most important element is the people. The ones who farm, gather the harvest who struggle to provide us with such delicious vegetables, fruits and animals. The hours put into harvesting and keeping them in proper conditions adds more meaning into the meal. The last, but nonetheless important part of the meal is the cook.

The hard work put into the cooking process, from preparing the vegetables / meat to plating the perfect dish to deliver to their loved ones. For a cook there is no better feeling than feeding people and seeing them enjoy as they share a beautiful moment. I am sure you have heard that food has the power to bring people together. When people are at the table, momentarily conflicts disappear and stories beginning to be shared. A new tradition can be created in a family due to that small gathering. Game nights involve sharing a snack, and it specifically will stay in the minds of those sharing that moment. Either if it is good or bad.

Certain dishes bring us back to special moments in life. For example: moqueca, which is a Brazilian dish from Bahia made with fish, shrimp, palm oil and coconut milk, reminds me of my Brazilian friends in the United States. Many of the gatherings while I lived in Baton Rouge involved food, sharing culture with people from all over the world. Until today, I associate moqueca, bachalhau com natas, kabsa with the friends I met there.

Food has the power of making us feel better, get stronger and relax. A plate of your favorite food can make your day better and change your view on the obstacles in front of you. There is so much love to be explored in the food, and the best part it will continue to be spread around the world as long as the eating process is necessary to live. So love your food ♥♥

Until next time, Hungry People.


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