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Summer Tips: Berries Sangria Smoothie

Hello, Hungry People. Today I want to ask a questions before getting started. What are the fruits that reminds you the most of summer? Tropical fruits are probably on top of your head as they are equal to that beautiful sunny season. Plus they pack so much flavor, the tropical fruits can take you on a trip to Angola, Brazil or the Caribbeans. However there is something about berries that takes me back to past summers in a blink of an eye.



Berries (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.) pack so much deliciousness and nutrition in them. Most of the berries grow around June and July, probably the reason I think of summer when I eat them. These delicate fruits are particularly famous for their wild taste, texture and sweetness. Perfect for decorating desserts, berries are also a great addition in lemonades / shakes / smoothies / frozen drinks.

When I went to Romania in 2015, I had a chance to eat freshly picked raspberries and they were the best. It literally tasted sweet, mild and “berried”. As I bit down on them, I felt the flavor exploding into my mouth. So I thought to myself, it would be great to have berries in a drink.

Summer parties and dinner deserve a spiked drink which is both delicious and full of flavor. A regular sangria would provide you with this experience packed the fruits, cinnamon and wine, but imagine a drink having all the properties of it and being very refreshing. Take a guess? No guessing? It’s not that hard. It’s a Berries Sangria Smoothie.

It is a great way of using the berries which are overly ripe. Freeze them for a couple of hours and they’ll be ready to be added into the Sangria. The best part of this idea is the versatility of the wine, you can even use sparking wine or champagne. How appetizing!

Sangria is a usually a light drink in terms of density and the flavors don’t necessarily get completely packed into the wine mixture. The berries sangria smoothie will break the traditional fruits floating in the wine, instead blending them into a nice dense drink to provide with more flavor that will echo the back of your taste buds.

Frozen Berry Sangria

Berries Sangria Smoothie


  • 1 wine bottle (red, white), chilled
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups frozen berries
  • 1 – 1 1/2 cup Sprite or sparkling water
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • Sugar
  • Ice

Equipment needed:

  • Blender


Add all of the ingredients with the exception of the cinnamon to the blender. Turn it on for 5 minutes until all the ingredients are properly mixed. Taste the sangria to see if additional ingredients need to be added. Remember if the drink needs to be spiked a little more, add a small shot of vodka.

Remove from the blender and place them in a pitcher together with the cinnamon stick. Serve them with mint leaves, lemon rinds or fresh berries. Be creative.

The berry sangria smoothie is absolutely perfect for your summer events as it delivers flavor and freshness. Your friends and family hopefully will not stop talking about that amazing drink they had a your house. Make every event an unforgettable trip of the world of flavors and textures.

Until next time, Hungry People.


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