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Summer Tips: Grill ON

A grilled chicken packs so much flavor from the coal / wood chips and its seasoning , which deliver such delightful experience. Probably one of the best forms of cooking, and provides me with the greater feelings for food. Besides being delicious, grilled food is also much healthier for you when compared with fried food. Grilling should be a must in all of the seasons, specially in the summer. The season is perfect to be outdoors enjoying the sun and the nice breeze from the ocean. Sorry, I was imagining myself in my future beach house 😀

Yes, grilling is a great outdoor activity to do with your friends and family in the summer. It helps you to bring people together while sharing some pretty awesome stories. These stories leave unmarked smokey prints in our brains that will forever stay with us.


Coal, gas, wood or a mixture of them are some of the fuels used for grilling. The choice will depend whether the flavor of wood is wanted and the temperature from the fire. It is important to know a gas grill will not get as hot as the coal one.

Using a gas grill will provide you with convenience in comparison with coal or wood. In a blink of a second your grill will be on and ready to be used. And although it does not reach high temperature as coal does, it will be a healthier form of cooking than frying.

The best grilling experience in my humble point of view is to mix coal with some wood. When vacationing in Romania in 2015, I had the chance to experience grilled meat with wood only. The taste was really good, out of the ordinary unlike coal. However I thought it was too much, and thought the right balance would be to mix them up. The taste is perfect for me, whether grilling meat, fruits or vegetables.


Speaking of vegetables and fruits, summer is the perfect season to experiment grilling them. Forget about meat / fish for a second, and answer this question: Have you ever tried grilled pineapple with cinnamon? No? You are missing an appetizing treat specially when paired with grilled meat. This is a very typical dish in Brazilian rodizio. One of the perfect combination between sweet, sour and salty.

Most of the vegetables and fruits can be grilled, it just depends on personal preferences. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is the time it takes for them to fully cook. There are certain rules for grilling vegetables and fruits, and they are listed below:



  • Spread a mixture of salt, olive oil and aromatic herbs onto the vegetables to enhance flavor and prevent them from drying.
  • Certain vegetables like potatoes need to be precooked before grilling.

To be grilled and time: Asparagus (6 minutes), peppers (8 minutes), eggplants (15 minutes), mushrooms (6 – 8 minutes), onions (15 – 18 minutes), zucchini (15 minutes), tomatoes (10 – 12 minutes), etc.



  • Fruits should be grilled on the edges of the grill in order to avoid direct influence from the heat. Direct heat will dry the fruit.
  • Maintain the skin from the fruit to hold shape as it gets cooked.
  • Prepare a mixture of butter and cinnamon or butter and lemon juice to spread onto the fruit in order to elevate its flavor.

To be grilled and time: Pineapple (7 – 8 minutes), peaches (7 minutes) , apples / pears (7 – 8 minutes), watermelons / melons (5 minutes), oranges (5 minutes) , bananas (6 minutes) / plantain (10 minutes), etc.

Basic instructions to give you a general look into grilling your vegetables and fruits. If you have not tried this yet, than you are in for a great surprise. The grilled fruits are much juicer and tastier than in their regular state. Turn up the heat on your grill and start enjoying this summer with summer grilled goodies.

Until next time, Hungry People.



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