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Summer Tips: Lemonade Showers

Summer is a great season to enjoy a nice glass of fruit-infused water. It is a very important fluid for our bodily functions as mentioned on Summer Tips: Fruit-Infused Water. However let us not forget to enjoy some refreshing sweet drinks. One of them that screams “SUMMER” to me is the lemonade. A simple drink which requires only 3 ingredients: water, sugar / honey and lemon juice. This beautiful drink has the capacity to deliver us with sweetness and tanginess.

During the summer the fruits are just waiting for you to include them in your menu, so why not in a drinks menu?  🙂 Lemonades were like sacred drinks during my childhood, and to mess with that just seemed wrong. Who would alter such delicacy? Not me. That was until I tried a strawberry lemonade.

First time I tried a strawberry lemonade I didn’t even have an idea that I could do that. It was so nice that the thought of it brings back the fondest memories of the United States. Although it is a very easy recipe to make, there are certain steps to take before making such lemonades.


The first step for a fruity lemonade is to have a basic recipe for that lemonade. The basis is needed to ensure the additional ingredients will add only their characteristic flavors and not anything else. Your lemonade recipe should already be great on its own, and the added fruit / fresh herbs should make it excel.

Once you have the basics mastered, add the fruits you would like to experiment with. Try to do the variations using only a cup of lemonade and add the fruit. As you start getting used to the idea of fruits in your lemonade, add another ingredients such as herbs and see if the flavors compliment each other. Try to substitute the sugar for honey for added sweetness.

Below I present you a recipe which you can adjust to your taste, of course. It is a guide to help you conquer “your” perfect lemonade. Remember the same way a lemonade is made, so is a limeade. You can have your own version of it as well.

Basic Lemonade


  • 5 cups water
  • 2 – 2 1/2 cups lemon juice
  • Lemon, sliced
  • Honey


Add all the ingredients into a pitcher. Mix them well and ensure the sweetness is to your taste.

If you would like to add sparkling water instead, you are free to do it. After you basic recipe is polished, you are ready to move on to a couple of options for lemonades. Since there are so many fruits, as mentioned above, here are simple ingredients for fruity lemonades.

Lemonade Options

Raspberry / Strawberry Lemonade

Berries and lemon are a delicious combination for a nice summer drink. The taste of a forest infused with lemon and honey to bring you an unforgettable sensation of summer.

Pineapple Mint Lemonade

Is there anything more tropical than pineapple? Yes, of course. However pineapple is readily available everywhere in the world. Sometimes diced pineapples are sold at the grocery stores and this too can be made into a juice. The fruit adds a pleasing tropical sensation to the lemonade, and with mint to deliver some freshness.

The way to work with pineapple is by making the lemonade in a blender or the juice can be extracted via juicer. The amount of pineapple and mint depends on the quantity that will be made and as well on personal taste. Adjust the water content accordingly.

Ginger Lemonade

If you are looking for a spicy hit the spot lemonade, ginger lemonade will provide you with that. In addition to its spiciness, ginger will give you lemonade a nice fragrance and together with lemon will help you fight some unwanted colds.

Add the ginger and the water into a food processor / blender and blend it for 2 minutes. Strain the water mixture well, process with the lemonade the traditional way.

Watermelon Lemonade

Mildest of the melons, and my favorite of all of them. Fun fact about watermelon: it is actually a botanical berry. Since the fruit has 90 % water content, the water used for the lemonade can be reduced.

Use a blender to make the juice and strain, if desired. Try to decrease the amount of water as much as you please, this is done to accentuate the flavor of watermelon a little more. Proceed with the lemonade as per regular method.

Peach Lemonade

Peach is a sweet, tart fruit with a smell that is hard to resist. Thinking of peaches involves thinking of a nice comfortable pillow to sleep. Such a relaxing and juice fruit that could not be missing in this list.

Blend or use the juicer to extract the fluid. Once juice done, proceed to the traditional lemonade process but keeping in mind the amount of water.

The variations for a fruit lemonade are limitless so make sure to enjoy exploring this beautiful stage. Do it as much as you can, and discover new favorite flavors. My favorite fruity lemonades are raspberry and pineapple with mint. Ahead in the road of discovery. Enjoy these deliciousness.

Until next time, Hungry People.



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  1. It is indeed one of the best drinks for the summer. I have missed it a lot when I went to U.K, unless you do it at home, it’s difficult to find a good lemonade in the bars around me. 😀

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