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Summer Tips: Mastering Barbecue (BBQ) I

Hello Hungry People! 😀 I hope this Summer is going great with all of you. Today we start a new series of Mastering Barbecue (BBQ), so Welcome! This fun and delicious family activity sometimes delivers poor results due to lack of knowledge on the barbecue game. Most of us just grill for the fun of grilling, but sometimes the meat / fish comes out very dried and tasteless. Can you imagining having a nicely done Berries Sangria Smoothie and poorly grilled chicken to accompany with? It is really depressing especially if you are trying to impress your stomach 😀

For the next following days I will post about solutions and suggestions that will help you become better at your grilling game. I would love to hear as well some of your awesome ideas for barbecuing. This small actions can help me and others become better grilling masters.

Today’s topic will be about Grills and the Accessories for this task. Please be aware that this is an affiliate post and I will receive commission for any purchase. The type of grills matter when it comes to flavors and the accessories in order to deliver a nice final product or should I say barbecue 🙂


Get The Grill Ready for the Barbecue!

First things first, buy a BBQ grill which is one of the most important elements when barbecuing. There are plenty ways of grilling meat / fish depending on the type of fuel used. Although gas and electric are good options, I can’t help but to reject both ideas. They do save more time in comparison with a charcoal grill, but the flavor with charcoal tops them by a mile.

If you happen to own a house, perhaps investing in a wall barbecue would be a nice addition to your family celebrations. However if you do not have this option or are little interested in it, there are stores like Amazon that offer diverse alternatives as you known offered in this page.

Weber 741001 Original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill and Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill are very easy to use, clean and presents delicious results. One of the most important tasks in the house is to clean up after ourselves. Thankfully, the Weber models shown in the photos below have a feature to decrease the headache cleaning grills sometimes is. The easily removable cooking grates and the cleaning handle are definitely a lifesaver!

The lid in these charcoal grill helps to infuse the charcoal taste into the meat / fish providing with the ultimate barbecue experience.

The Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is super handy for those of us who live in apartments but do not want to invest on a large charcoal grill. This small little rescuer is a convenient grill delivering the final products of a large scaled one. A must if you life in an apartment!

Accessorize The Grill Game

The outdoor tasks usually require accessories, and grilling is not an exception to it. There are many categories for these accessories as you will need one to handle the meat while the grilling and others to clean. Proper barbecue requires a couple of accessories like:

Forks and Tongs

Sometimes when not in possession of a fork or tongs, I turn the meat with a small fork or my hands. Most of the times I end up hurting my hands, which is a little frustrating but I cannot seem to learn. So avoid being crazy like me and buy proper grilling forks and tongs.


Grilling tongs are handy if you would like to avoid piercing the meat / fish. Do your research before you buy the forks or tongs. Ensure the following for tongs:

Length: It needs to be at least 30 cm in order for the meat / fish to be turned without burning your arm.

Material: An important point when analyzing the tongs. They should be made of a material which does not get rusty easily. Stainless steels is a good material, but look up online for the reviews on the tongs in your cart.

Strain-Free: The tongs should give you very little resistance when handling them. This is inconvenient to the person grilling and makes handling the meat / fish much harder. The usage of the tongs should be smooth and hassle free. Additionally make sure they have a locking system as well.

Easy Cleaning: Nobody likes accessories that are hard to clean as they are very time consuming. Additionally to that, they rusty up fast if the material is prone to it. Ensure your tongs do not fall into this category. Research online and in stores for tongs which are easy to clean and will last you longer.


Planning to grill hamburgers? You might need a turner. I am sure you have had the unfortunate experience of half sized burger meat. So sad, so tragic for a cooking moment. However you have to worry very little about if you have a turner. The burger meat will be intact by the time it has finished grilling.


Very important items during the grilling process. Once you start grilling the meat / fish, it will start to dry up soon. Let me share something with you: Everyone hates a dried piece of meat! Everyone! Luckily for us there are several ways to help this big issue and one of them is to keep on brushing the marinating juices onto the grilling meat.

Brushing the meat is absolutely a little annoying but the results are delicious unforgettable. Once you start grilling the meat, brush it with the marinating juices in intervals of 10 – 15 minutes. The crust of the meat will tasty and juice. You meat is asking for a brush!



If you are planning to make kebabs, you will definitely need a set of these for your meat, fish and vegetables.  Coming in both stainless steel and bamboo, skewers are convenient for the guests and will give you better possibility of holding the ingredients together. The added effect of the skewers is that you can turn all the skewer content at once without the risk of burning yourself. Safety and deliciousness at once, please count me IN!

Grill Brushes and Scrapers

Each step of a task is crucial to its completion with high quality. Housekeeping and maintaining the equipment is even more important. Removing the rest of the grilling residues / sticky bits, charcoal and oiling up the grill grates will maintain your grill clean and operable until the next operation. Please, invest in one of these and you will see the long terms benefits.

This is it for me! I hope these tips are going to be very helpful to you as they are to me. Please let your family know that soon you will be a grilling master!

Until next time, Hungry People.


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