Cooking Basics Lesson V: Pepper(ish) Chronicles

Pepper is one of the most famous seasonings in the whole world. It is an ancient spice that is filled with stories as it is with pungency. A story of a prince who won the heart of his beloved one with a newly innovative spice. Or perhaps a story of a spice that helped an army win a battle. Amazing, the right word to describe if we heard stories like that today. Wouldn’t it be fun? 🙂 The pepper may have not had the impact in such stories, but I am sure it changed the culinary world.

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Cooking Basics Lesson IV: Vegetable Cooking Guide

Remember the nice oven baked seasoned carrots you were planning on eating? You imagined they would to be very tender and still crunchy. However the results were a disgrace because they were a bit overcooked? Yeah, I remember that as well. It is some of the many experiences in the kitchen with vegetables. With that said, Welcome to the fourth Cooking Basics Session!

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How to Prepare Calamari / Squid

How amazing it feels to eat a very nicely fried calamari dish. Crunchy, buttery and with perfect seasoning. It makes your taste buds ask for more and more. Like there is a disco party in your mouth. Love dishes like this! The sort that make your senses wake up and make you revisit old memories and create new ones.

Fried Calamari

The perfection on the seasoning and the texture of the dish makes you think the chef has some magical power, and added a secret ingredient into the recipe. Perhaps they did, a dash of extra cayenne pepper in the batter or coriander to give the final kick. Could it be in the type of flour used or maybe the parsley and lemon quantity? Forget it, they will not reveal the secret. However, I think we are in no rush to know that. We have this ride still to enjoy. I have the impression that is far simpler than the seasoning and the frying process. It is on the cleaning process. You didn’t know? 🙂

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Tasty Garlicky Seasonings and Dips

Garlic is part of the my MUST list of ingredients along side with black pepper. I love the taste in basically everything. Now you are in sync with garlic after reading the Cooking Basics III:  The Power of Garlic.

Since sharing is caring, I would like to present to you a couple of recipes that can be used as seasoning or sauces for vegetables, meat, fries, etc. Very easy  and tasty recipes done in the food processor, blender or by hand, if you prefer. If you are crazy for garlic like this person writing this blog post, then you will get hooked on these recipes. Let’s get this party started 🙂

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Cooking Basics Lesson III: The Power of Garlic

The second you try your seasoning and you know it is bland as the rice chips you have been ignoring for months now. You know it is the moment you need to add this fantastic ingredient garlic is. Give your seasoning the chance to shine and make your dish irresistible. Garlic has the ability to bring flavor and aroma that will make your guests asking for more.

There is a catch with garlic though, you need to know more about the types of garlic because it will affect on the results of your dish. The secret is to explore more about it.

Lets take a moment and look at a piece of garlic. Just by looking at it, you know there is a family relation with onions. There is no point of denying it, we all know garlic is onion’s cousin. Beyond those layers there is a smell and taste that becomes remarkable and pleasing  in the dishes, and sometimes it even makes you cry. Joking 😉 Nobody likes those onion’s provoked tears. Ok, just a little. Onion’s cousin, garlic, is absolutely a must in marinates. There is not a single plate I make without the presence of garlic, only desserts  of course 🙂

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Cooking Basics Lesson II: Marinating with an Acid Touch

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||EN|| The first spoon of guacamole or ceviche is always so memorable due to the taste of jalapeños, avocado, fish, cilantro, red onions, and the very special kick provided by the lemon/lime. In the cooking world, the presence of acid is needed as much as the salt. The importance of its use ranges from  denaturing proteins in the meat/fish to  enhancing the flavor of a dish.

Acid is a molecule that is prone to losing/releasing any hydrogen ions when in contact with water, and has a pH of less than 7. For reference, water has a pH of 7, and lemon is less than 3.  Some acids contribute to many of our bodily functions such as digestion, fuel for the mitochondria, building proteins, DNA, RNA and many others. Their benefits go beyond our body, it also transcends to the cleaning, and  lastly the cooking world. The most common acids used in the kitchen are the citrus (lemon, limes, oranges, etc), vinegar, and wine.

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Cooking Basics Lesson I: Seasoning with Salt

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Have you ever tried a nice looking piece of beef/chicken/ lamb, and ended up disappointed with its taste? You are not the only one. Many times people miss on the basics of cooking, such as the seasoning.

Seasoning ranges from salt, garlic to any aromatic herbs. Salt and garlic are the absolute basic ingredients for a tasty dish. Sodium chloride, most commonly know as salt, is an ionic compound with one ion of sodium (Na) and another of chloride (Cl). As a part of the essential nutrients, salt helps to regulate the amount of water content in the body and is involved in many other bodily functions. Apart from helping our bodies, it plays an important role for food preservation and taste.

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