Fry Me Some Shrimp Toast, Please!

A very typical appetizer in Angolan parties is what we call in Portuguese rissóis de camarão, which is basically a fried wheat flour dough stuffed with shrimp cream. Recipe to come soon in the blog. Let me tell you they are delicious, but it takes a while to make them. There is a ton of work involved into the process, and sometimes time is far from our hands. Perhaps a faster but delicious appetizer is needed. Let me introduce you to a Fried Shrimp Toast.

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4 Delicious Breads for Valentine’s Day

Bread, bread, bread. Who can resist it? I am unable for sure, specially a nice looking and tasty one. I find it hard to resist bread. During a trip to Portugal in 2010 I was unable to recognize myself as I basically wanted to consume all sorts of bread. Even the simplest bread was impressing my stomach. I was a bit wild for bread during that trip, but I got it under control. Just don’t put rustic bread, olive bread, baguettes, anything bread related in front of me 🙂

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Yeast Essentials

What is the most common ingredient in the different types of bread? No, not flour. Although perhpas you might be right about that. So what is the second most common? It is yeast! Did you know that it is alive? 😀

Yeast is an organism that belongs to the fungus kingdom. There are over a thousand species, but only Saccharomyces cerevisiae is suitable for baking. The amazing organism is quite amazing as it is involved in a process called fermentation.

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