Easy Cloud (Sunny-Side Up) Eggs

There are so many delicious recipes in the world that it gets hard to get into a diet. It is even harder to find a healthier and delicious version for them, which frustrates me sometimes. One thing I really enjoy, and I am unafraid of saying is Sunny-Side Up Eggs. I love them fried in olive oil with plenty of pepper. Just look at the photo below, does it not look delicious? Yes, it does. However it is a bit unhealthy to be eating greasy food the whole time so I needed to find a better version. Since the search is endless, I finally came across an interesting version for a sunny side up eggs.

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Delicious Chocolate Pancakes to Try Now

I absolutely love chocolates, no matter the type (white, dark, milk) or additional ingredients (nuts, dried fruits, cookies, mint, etc). My favorite of them all will have to be the milk chocolate with any sort of cookies. It is the crunchiness of the cookies mixed with the velvety and sweet taste of chocolate takes me to chocolate heaven. And yes, that place exists even if it is only in my taste buds dreams 🙂

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You Won’t Believe How Easy These Sticky Buns Are

There are certain types of dishes that are made for weekend breakfast. You know the ones that take longer to be done and require a little more work than your regular yogurt parfait and omelet. Because they involve more work and love, these fantastic dishes end up being at the top of the great breakfast dishes. The type to impress and make your family ask for more.

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4 Delicious Breads for Valentine’s Day

Bread, bread, bread. Who can resist it? I am unable for sure, specially a nice looking and tasty one. I find it hard to resist bread. During a trip to Portugal in 2010 I was unable to recognize myself as I basically wanted to consume all sorts of bread. Even the simplest bread was impressing my stomach. I was a bit wild for bread during that trip, but I got it under control. Just don’t put rustic bread, olive bread, baguettes, anything bread related in front of me 🙂

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Super Fast and Facile (Easy) Toad in the Hole

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||EN|| Did you see that Toad in the hole? I certainly seen one, and it was tasty.

Woke up a few days ago wanting to eat a folar, a meat bread. Folar is this fantastic recipe that incorporates chicken, bacon, chorizo and cubed beef into a bread dough. A popular dish usually eaten during Easter and Christmas, makes for a perfect dish for family and friends gathering.

Folar de Carnes

For more information click here: Folar. As much as folar is good, there was no yeast or patience available in that day. In the search of a nice recipe, I stumbled upon a nice one that called my attention: Toad in the hole from Tastemade. It is a little close to the folar recipe, and it was fast to make. The recipe found on Tastemade was fast to make, but it seemed to be lacking a little bit of seasoning; it seemed too bland. I was forced to add a little “ME” into it. Different ingredients were used during a week of trying toad in the hole, such as: ground meat, spicy chorizo, linguiça, raw bacon and with several types of seasoning (thyme, oregano, cilantro, coriander, rosemary, etc.). The recipe for the dough was modified a bit as I found it too watery, and that lead to an increase in flour. It is pretty good, you will love it.

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Forget Sunny Side Up Eggs, Here’s a Delicious Baked Cheesy Omelet

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||EN|| Tired of eating plain bread, yogurt or that greasy omelet in the morning? Are you searching for something fast and easy to do? Look no further. The fun part about this recipe is that any seasoning and filling can be used.

The most important meal of the day is the breakfast for many people. It gives you energy to fulfill many of the daily activities, and can help cognitive performance. According to research, a healthy breakfast can help regulate blood glucose for diabetic people, hunger and weight. An ideal breakfast needs to be balanced with lean protein, milk, whole grain and fruit and vegetables.

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