Two-Step Yogurt Cake With Velvety Chocolate Ganache

There is only one thing greater than eating yogurt, incorporating it into a dessert or a dip. The latter is very nice for vegetables and grilled meat pieces, specially during summer time. At this time, basically everything refreshing is perfect for the occasion. Can you imagine eating a cold cucumber yogurt dip in the winter?…


Apple Martini Crumble Cake

One simple question, who can resist an apple martini? Apple Martini, most commonly know as Appletini, is one of my favorites cocktails as it is mildly fruity with a hint of vodka and sugar. Although the cake presented does not contain the vodka, it is where the inspiration for the name of the cake came from.

Yummi Banana Oats Pudding Cake

Avena Sativa, most commonly known as oats are cereal grains packed with vitamins, high fiber and flavor. They are the perfect to go breakfast and very versatile for many recipes. Add some fruits, honey and nuts for a delicious meal. Now imagine the beautiful oats with some bananas? Yes, you are right, it is a…