Two-Step Yogurt Cake With Velvety Chocolate Ganache

There is only one thing greater than eating yogurt, incorporating it into a dessert or a dip. The latter is very nice for vegetables and grilled meat pieces, specially during summer time. At this time, basically everything refreshing is perfect for the occasion. Can you imagine eating a cold cucumber yogurt dip in the winter? Nope, not me.

First time I tried a yogurt dip was in a party in the USA. Most of the experiences I had around the first year I arrived in the USA were basically a culture shock. It is very common to find rissóis or croquetes in an Angolan party, regardless of its size.

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Hack: Chocolate Glazed Carrot Cake

|Bilingual Post-Artigo Bilíngue|

Looking a cake fast to do and that dirties very little of your dishes? Here is the perfect one. This cake is made in the blender, making the cake process easier and faster. Have a clue yet? Carrot cake! The perfect combination of a vegetable in a cake. Covered with chocolate ganache, the cake is so delicious that nobody will believe this cake is made with carrots. I am sure you will be able to hack this recipe in no time.

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