Two-Step Yogurt Cake With Velvety Chocolate Ganache

There is only one thing greater than eating yogurt, incorporating it into a dessert or a dip. The latter is very nice for vegetables and grilled meat pieces, specially during summer time. At this time, basically everything refreshing is perfect for the occasion. Can you imagine eating a cold cucumber yogurt dip in the winter? Nope, not me.

First time I tried a yogurt dip was in a party in the USA. Most of the experiences I had around the first year I arrived in the USA were basically a culture shock. It is very common to find rissóis or croquetes in an Angolan party, regardless of its size.

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Almond Berries Tart

If you ask me what is the easiest dessert in the world, I will tell you passion fruit or chocolate mousse. I know there are other easier recipes, like zabaglione, however I have done the mousse so many times that pretty much tops my list. The recipe is very nice and brings back some pretty awesome childhood and adolescence moments. Perfect to pair it with a heavy main dish as it is very light and refreshing the passion fruit mousse. However if you are looking for something with a sustenance after a not so heavy main dish, perhaps you have to look elsewhere. Did anyone say tart?

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Cinco de Mayo Tres Leches Cake

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The date is celebrated because of the Mexican Army victory over French forces at Battle of Puebla. Obviously in Angola celebrations on this day are null, but since I lived in the Louisiana I remember being accompanied by a nice glass of margarita, chilaquiles, guacamole, salsa and a burrito.

Today I am here to present to you a very nice recipe that most of us love it very much. I have to say that when I lived in the US, I didn’t actually appreciate this dessert that much. It was one of those recipes which I didn’t pay much attention to. However this has changed since 2015 when I started to miss it. Since then I have been doing this recipe whenever I can for my family. I am talking about Tres Leches cake or Three Milk Cake.

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Chocolate Muffins

 There are a million types of deliciousness in this world that can soothe our hearts in a beat. Those deliciousness can bring us a sense of comfort and wonderful memories of childhood or even as adults, and who can resist them? The hardest thing to resist in the cooking world is the CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLAT.

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The Secret To: Gwen’s Flan Recipe

|Bilingual Post – Artigo Bilíngue|

Gwen is my sister-in-law, my best friend, and I absolutely love her. She soon will be giving me one of the priceless gifts of my life, my nephew. I cannot wait to meet him. As a special person in my life, she sure had to have good cooking skills. Joking 🙂 She is great at cooking though, you will confirm with her flan recipe. 😉

It is December already, the talk about Christmas has already started. We all have family traditions, especially food related ones that we usually go by. In our place, we like to have turkey, lamb, codfish, and many many sweets. One of our favorite holiday’s dessert is the creme caramel, most commonly known as flan.

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Hack: Chocolate Glazed Carrot Cake

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Looking a cake fast to do and that dirties very little of your dishes? Here is the perfect one. This cake is made in the blender, making the cake process easier and faster. Have a clue yet? Carrot cake! The perfect combination of a vegetable in a cake. Covered with chocolate ganache, the cake is so delicious that nobody will believe this cake is made with carrots. I am sure you will be able to hack this recipe in no time.

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Best Tangy Lime Pie

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||EN|| Lime Pie is a light, fresh, sweet desserts that satisfies all of us, citrus lovers. The combination of the heavy whipping cream and the acidity of the lime juice makes you crave more and more after each bite. This very easy dessert is definitely a must for any summer activity, as it is fresh and sweet. The Lime Pie dessert does not need to go to the oven (optional), but I love it when it does. It seems to make the cookies tastier. This recipe is an easy to make as it is to please. Who mouthwatering now? 🙂

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Yummi Banana Oats Pudding Cake

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||EN|| Avena Sativa, most commonly known as oats are cereal grains packed with vitamins, high fiber and flavor. They are the perfect to go breakfast and very versatile for many recipes. Add some fruits, honey and nuts for a delicious meal.

Oats are beneficial for health due to its high content of soluble fibers. This can help to reduce risk of coronary heart disease and colorectal cancer, cholesterol level, and as well improve immune system defenses due to beta glucans. Click here and here to learn more about oats.

Bananas are probably one of the most eaten fruits in the whole world. This delicious and nutritious fruit is part of some of my favorite desserts such as banana cake, peanut butter toast with bananas. Coming in different sizes, shapes and colors, bananas can improve digestive system due to fiber content. Click here for more info.

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Swirling the Passion Fruit Cake

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||EN|| Passion fruit juice is used to relax the nerves and mind. This happen because it increases the quantity of the gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. GABA reduces the activity in the brain cells. This tangy, sweet and unique fruit has tremendous benefits and uses. Today’s recipe will incorporate three uses for the passion fruit. Come check it out.

Passion fruit comes from this beautiful flower named Passiflora edulis. It has that name because of the many species of passion flower.

Passiflora edulis

Like many other fruits, it is packed with healthy benefits besides being a good antioxidant. Did you know that it is good for stimulating digestion? This is due to the amount of fiber in the passion fruit. The fruit has a pH of around 3 due to the high quantity of acids present in it (citric, malic, lactic, malonic, succinic, ascorbic). The last acid, ascorbic acid is the main component of Vitamin C, which is important to build up resistance for certain infectious agents. Blood pressure can also be regulated with the consumption of the potassium in the passion fruit. Good levels of potassium help maintain the heart functioning normally.

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