Easy Cloud (Sunny-Side Up) Eggs

There are so many delicious recipes in the world that it gets hard to get into a diet. It is even harder to find a healthier and delicious version for them, which frustrates me sometimes. One thing I really enjoy, and I am unafraid of saying is Sunny-Side Up Eggs. I love them fried in olive oil with plenty of pepper. Just look at the photo below, does it not look delicious? Yes, it does. However it is a bit unhealthy to be eating greasy food the whole time so I needed to find a better version. Since the search is endless, I finally came across an interesting version for a sunny side up eggs.

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Baked Mini Chorizo Spanish Tortillas

Baked Spanish tortillas or omelettes are very much popular and so convenient for fast meals. It is the perfect dish when you are in a hurry and cannot have a breakfast in the table with the family. Although you can find many recipes online about it, the secret to baked omelettes is in your hands or taste.

Most dishes made by you need to have your personal signature. One thing to keep in mind is recipes are there to give you guidance. You are always free to add for example vanilla extract in a cake or cayenne in your favorite savory dishes. I always call myself disobedient when it comes to following recipes, but I believe it is the perfect time where the creative can flourish.

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Forget Sunny Side Up Eggs, Here’s a Delicious Baked Cheesy Omelet

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||EN|| Tired of eating plain bread, yogurt or that greasy omelet in the morning? Are you searching for something fast and easy to do? Look no further. The fun part about this recipe is that any seasoning and filling can be used.

The most important meal of the day is the breakfast for many people. It gives you energy to fulfill many of the daily activities, and can help cognitive performance. According to research, a healthy breakfast can help regulate blood glucose for diabetic people, hunger and weight. An ideal breakfast needs to be balanced with lean protein, milk, whole grain and fruit and vegetables.

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