E-Z Garlic and Pepper Sauce

Do you know many recipes for sauces exist in the world? Go ahead and google. 121 million search results! Although there will be plenty of repeated results, I am sure the number is still large. In the French cuisine, there are five mother sauces. Like anything else, the variations for the sauces are infinite as the quantity of ingredients change and a new one can be added to enhance the flavor. A good example is mother sauce Béchamel that gives birth to Mornay sauce.

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5 Free Food Stock Photos Websites, No Lie

What is the first thing that caught your attention when you saw this post? Besides the tittle of the post, I am going to bet it was the nice photo. There is a reason why beautiful photos are a must in the industry of the blogs nowadays. If taking photos is one of the things you lack training or a task you have to improve (just like I do), then perhaps you should look into other options.

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Preparing A Mouthwatering Duck Rice

Rice is one of the most famous staple food around the world. It is the perfect side dish for almost all of the dishes you could think of. Imagine you have grilled chicken. You can pair it with any type of rice, but I would go with a rice salad.

The salad is a great side dish packing herbs, spices and sauces. There are other numerous rice dishes that would go great with just about any dish, but rice is can be more than just a side dish and this duck rice is here to prove it is true.

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Baked Mini Chorizo Spanish Tortillas

Baked Spanish tortillas or omelettes are very much popular and so convenient for fast meals. It is the perfect dish when you are in a hurry and cannot have a breakfast in the table with the family. Although you can find many recipes online about it, the secret to baked omelettes is in your hands or taste.

Most dishes made by you need to have your personal signature. One thing to keep in mind is recipes are there to give you guidance. You are always free to add for example vanilla extract in a cake or cayenne in your favorite savory dishes. I always call myself disobedient when it comes to following recipes, but I believe it is the perfect time where the creative can flourish.

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Butternut Squash Salad

You know that morbid wish you have to eat a nice vegetable dish at night? Happens to me once in a while. I am no vegetarian or vegan, but I do enjoy a nice delicious plate of vegetables. It is a nice dish, perfect for the times I don’t feel like eating too much. Sure there are many of you out there who feel like me as well.

Butternut squash is probably one of my favorite vegetables specially for cream soups. It has a distinct comfort to its flavor that makes me travel to a warm comforter. You can see that comforter on my butternut squash cream. You  can actually pair it with some of your favorite vegetables.

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Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce

Food overstocking is one of the societies’ main problems nowadays. People fail to analyze their shopping pattern and end up falling into the same trap countless times. The food bought ends up expired or spoiled. Some items are also too sensitive having only around a week after it is opened. This is the weekly saga. It is vital we find ways to use them, specially when it comes to fresh food like vegetables.

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Cinco de Mayo Tres Leches Cake

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

The date is celebrated because of the Mexican Army victory over French forces at Battle of Puebla. Obviously in Angola celebrations on this day are null, but since I lived in the Louisiana I remember being accompanied by a nice glass of margarita, chilaquiles, guacamole, salsa and a burrito.

Today I am here to present to you a very nice recipe that most of us love it very much. I have to say that when I lived in the US, I didn’t actually appreciate this dessert that much. It was one of those recipes which I didn’t pay much attention to. However this has changed since 2015 when I started to miss it. Since then I have been doing this recipe whenever I can for my family. I am talking about Tres Leches cake or Three Milk Cake.

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Cooking Basics Lesson IV: Vegetable Cooking Guide

Remember the nice oven baked seasoned carrots you were planning on eating? You imagined they would to be very tender and still crunchy. However the results were a disgrace because they were a bit overcooked? Yeah, I remember that as well. It is some of the many experiences in the kitchen with vegetables. With that said, Welcome to the fourth Cooking Basics Session!

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Favorite: Codfish with Cream (Bacalhau com Natas)

Codfish with Cream deliciously known by Portuguese people as Bacalhau com Natas has always been one of my favorite codfish dishes in the whole world. Since the first time I tried, I have always wanted more and more. When I was younger mom used to make codfish with cream, I had to be there with her so that I could eat up from the pot once she was done. You will probably not be surprise if I tell you I still do that despite if it is mother or I who did it. It is delicious. My comfort food.

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