Summer Tips: Salad Dressings

Summer is the time to explore several types of salad, and of course dressings. You can find countless options in the condiments isle for dressings, but homemade versions taste much better and the control is on point. Have you tried an overly sweet honey mustard dressing? If not, I am sure you found another one which had a little too much of sweetness or spiciness. You will not have to worry about these issues anymore. Homemade dressings are in your control just like anything done at home would be.

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Summer Tips: Grill ON

A grilled chicken packs so much flavor from the coal / wood chips and its seasoning , which deliver such delightful experience. Probably one of the best forms of cooking, and provides me with the greater feelings for food. Besides being delicious, grilled food is also much healthier for you when compared with fried food. Grilling should be a must in all of the seasons, specially in the summer. The season is perfect to be outdoors enjoying the sun and the nice breeze from the ocean. Sorry, I was imagining myself in my future beach house 😀

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Summer Tips: Lemonade Showers

Summer is a great season to enjoy a nice glass of fruit-infused water. It is a very important fluid for our bodily functions as mentioned on Summer Tips: Fruit-Infused Water. However let us not forget to enjoy some refreshing sweet drinks. One of them that screams “SUMMER” to me is the lemonade. A simple drink which requires only 3 ingredients: water, sugar / honey and lemon juice. This beautiful drink has the capacity to deliver us with sweetness and tanginess.

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Summer Tips: Grocery Shopping

Summer time has arrived for the Northern Hemisphere of the World, while the Southern is now experiencing some pleasant cold like here in Angola. Although the weather is cold for us nationals, the cold season in Angola does not compare with the rest of the world. 21 °C (70 °F) is still considered summer for some people, so Angola is blessed when it comes to weather seasons.

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Apple & Cinnamon French Toast

When I first arrived in the United States back in 2007, there were a ton of dishes which were pretty much unknown to me. I thought I had a broad vision about food around the world, but I never been so happy for being wrong. My God! I was lost in the food wilderness. Tacos, Ceasar salad, Alfredo pasta, cioppino, gazpacho, jambalaya, gumbo, boudin, cheesecake, french toast and many others.

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Strawberry Jam Cake

Is there anything better than home cooked meal or cake? You have to admit that those homemade cakes your favorite auntie or mom did made you crave for more. Homemade cakes are pretty awesome and delicious specially when shared with our loved ones. Somehow these cakes remind of the old times in which the only purpose was just to make it tastier so the family would indulge on it. At a younger age, I used to go to parties where the homemade cake was a delicacy to us kids. As if a blanket had been wrapped around us. Oh sweet old good times…

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Saturday Thoughts: Loving Food

I was thinking today in yesterday’s lunch, one of my favorite things to eat during the working days. A nice piece of grilled fish. A lemon and garlic based seasoning revolves the fish to give a fresh and sharp flavor. After each bite, there is a mini explosion of flavors in my taste buds specially when paired with a saucy salsa and sweet potatoes. I live for these type of sensations, the ones that make you feel alive, happy and fulfilling inside.

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E-Z Garlic and Pepper Sauce

Do you know how many recipes for sauces exist in the world? Go ahead and google. 121 million search results! Although there will be plenty of repeated results, I am sure the number is still large. In the French cuisine, there are five mother sauces. Like anything else, the variations for the sauces are infinite as the quantity of ingredients change and a new one can be added to enhance the flavor. A good example is mother sauce Béchamel that gives birth to Mornay sauce.

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5 Free Food Stock Photos Websites, No Lie

What is the first thing that caught your attention when you saw this post? Besides the tittle of the post, I am going to bet it was the nice photo. There is a reason why beautiful photos are a must in the industry of the blogs nowadays. If taking photos is one of the things you lack training or a task you have to improve (just like I do), then perhaps you should look into other options.

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