Cooking Basics Lesson III: The Power of Garlic

The second you try your seasoning and you know it is bland as the rice chips you have been ignoring for months now. You know it is the moment you need to add this fantastic ingredient garlic is. Give your seasoning the chance to shine and make your dish irresistible. Garlic has the ability to bring flavor and aroma that will make your guests asking for more.

There is a catch with garlic though, you need to know more about the types of garlic because it will affect on the results of your dish. The secret is to explore more about it.

Lets take a moment and look at a piece of garlic. Just by looking at it, you know there is a family relation with onions. There is no point of denying it, we all know garlic is onion’s cousin. Beyond those layers there is a smell and taste that becomes remarkable and pleasing  in the dishes, and sometimes it even makes you cry. Joking 😉 Nobody likes those onion’s provoked tears. Ok, just a little. Onion’s cousin, garlic, is absolutely a must in marinates. There is not a single plate I make without the presence of garlic, only desserts  of course 🙂

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