Preparing A Mouthwatering Duck Rice

Rice is one of the most famous staple food around the world. It is the perfect side dish for almost all of the dishes you could think of. Imagine you have grilled chicken. You can pair it with any type of rice, but I would go with a rice salad.

The salad is a great side dish packing herbs, spices and sauces. There are other numerous rice dishes that would go great with just about any dish, but rice is can be more than just a side dish and this duck rice is here to prove it is true.

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Favorite: Codfish with Cream (Bacalhau com Natas)

Codfish with Cream deliciously known by Portuguese people as Bacalhau com Natas has always been one of my favorite codfish dishes in the whole world. Since the first time I tried, I have always wanted more and more. When I was younger mom used to make codfish with cream, I had to be there with her so that I could eat up from the pot once she was done. You will probably not be surprise if I tell you I still do that despite if it is mother or I who did it. It is delicious. My comfort food.

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