Fry Me Some Shrimp Toast, Please!

A very typical appetizer in Angolan parties is what we call in Portuguese rissóis de camarão, which is basically a fried wheat flour dough stuffed with shrimp cream. Recipe to come soon in the blog. Let me tell you they are delicious, but it takes a while to make them. There is a ton of work involved into the process, and sometimes time is far from our hands. Perhaps a faster but delicious appetizer is needed. Let me introduce you to a Fried Shrimp Toast.

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Amaze Your Guests: Chorizo Stuffed Calamari

You will have some cool guests at home, and you know they love to eat just like you. By cool guests I mean your hungry family and friends. Yes, they are cool and amazing! So you need to make an awesome and delicious plate for them. They have already tested your nice cooking skills on Lobster Masala and Pork Chops dishes, and their expectations are now getting higher. So how about some calamari?

Yes, I wrote calamari. But hold your horses because it is not the nicely fried calamari. No, no. It is something even better and healthier. A nice stew sauce surrounding the chorizo stuffed calamari / squid. Are you still with me? 🙂

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Bookmark: Paprika Shrimp Recipe

Shrimp has got to be one of the easiest seafood to be cook and incorporate in a million recipes. You can put it in most dishes, such as Lobster Masala, Baked Fish, Green Beans Curry and many others. I am sure you have some pretty great ideas on how to cook shrimp. You can share the shrimp recipes if you would like 🙂

Seems like it is appropriate to eat shrimp at any day of the week because it is so convenient and fast to do it. Would you not enjoy eating shrimp today? Quite frankly we all need a refreshing addition into our menu after last week’s Thanksgiving. So much meat from turkey! Stomach is screaming for some change.

The latest Cooking post on How to Devein and Peel the Shrimp will show you how to take care of the shrimp. It is very easy, just watch the video and you will understand everything under 5 minutes. Have fun when you are doing this, and perhaps you will come up with an easier way of deveining and peeling the shrimp.

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How to Easily Devein and Peel Shrimp

Do you live close to the sea? If you do, then you are one lucky human being. You get to eat the most amazing seafood and fish retaining still the taste of the sea. Perhaps you should take advantage of your location to learn more about the different species of fish and seafood in your region. I am sure there is some delicious ones.

The best dishes made with shrimp are the ones with freshly caught from the sea. This is true with all the seafood, fish and pretty much everything else. It packs the flavor and identity of the whole dish. Many people live far away from the sea, and their only opportunity to eat seafood/fish is the frozen version. You can still have a tasty meal with frozen ingredients, but it will require additional seasoning for it to be at the top.

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Surprise Suprise! It’s Lobster Masala

|Bilingual Post-Artigo Bilíngue|

||EN|| It was one of those days that the thought of eating the same dishes over and over again was dreadful. Don’t you sometimes want to eat something different besides that mac and cheese, or the burger with fries? Perhaps some fish soup or tasty pho would be perfect now? What about masala with a twist? No chicken nor fish, but lobster? Are you ready for such deliciousness? Let that eastern experience hit your taste buds.

The adventure for discovery of new flavors is never ending. Its trade started in 2000 BCE between South Asia and Middle East. However everything changed when the Europeans arrived in Asia, and from then on the spices were spread throughout the world. Thanks to the Age of Discovery, today we can savor a variety of beautiful spices that can transport us to the Middle East and Eastern Asia without leaving our kitchen. The feeling you get when the first spoon of curry hits your taste buds is hard to forget. This feeling can be even more intense if you try a mixture of different spices and/or herbs.

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