Cooking Basics Lesson V: Pepper(ish) Chronicles

Pepper is one of the most famous seasonings in the whole world. It is an ancient spice that is filled with stories as it is with pungency. A story of a prince who won the heart of his beloved one with a newly innovative spice. Or perhaps a story of a spice that helped an army win a battle. Amazing, the right word to describe if we heard stories like that today. Wouldn’t it be fun? 🙂 The pepper may have not had the impact in such stories, but I am sure it changed the culinary world.

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Tasty Garlicky Seasonings and Dips

Garlic is part of the my MUST list of ingredients along side with black pepper. I love the taste in basically everything. Now you are in sync with garlic after reading the Cooking Basics III:  The Power of Garlic.

Since sharing is caring, I would like to present to you a couple of recipes that can be used as seasoning or sauces for vegetables, meat, fries, etc. Very easy  and tasty recipes done in the food processor, blender or by hand, if you prefer. If you are crazy for garlic like this person writing this blog post, then you will get hooked on these recipes. Let’s get this party started 🙂

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