Sautéed Mizuna, Japanese Mustard Greens

Mizuna is a Japanese mustard green from the family Brassicaceae (species Brassica juncea var. japonica). The weird bitter taste that hits your taste buds after taking a couple of bites of the nicely seasoned mixed salad greens. Although it is odd at first, the flavor is pleasant once you pair the salad with a good seasoning (ex. a thousand island). Then you try to find the source of that remarkable flavor, and after some tries you find out what it is. Nope, not arugula. It is actually mizuna and there is a large group of people who have yet to knowingly experience this mustard green.

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Quick & Delicious Dish: Oven Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables seem to have taken a toll of my life lately. Even my family thinks I am becoming vegetarian due to my newest food habits. I say I am just having a healthy dosage of food. There are plenty of benefits into becoming a vegetarian, if I wanted I would become one. Being a vegetarian for me just would not be the right fit. I can handle a few days eating vegetables, but I do like a nice piece of meat.

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Cleansing Spinach Pineapple Smoothie

Heyah hello! May this blog post find you in great health. Speaking of it, the purpose of this blog is to address your dear system that keeps us able to do many of the things we love the most. It is important to ensure our great personal health, specially through the food we eat or drinks we consume. Consumption of greens, or should I say fibers is very crucial for our health system as you will see in the following paragraphs.

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Butternut Squash Salad

You know that morbid wish you have to eat a nice vegetable dish at night? Happens to me once in a while. I am no vegetarian or vegan, but I do enjoy a nice delicious plate of vegetables. It is a nice dish, perfect for the times I don’t feel like eating too much. Sure there are many of you out there who feel like me as well.

Butternut squash is probably one of my favorite vegetables specially for cream soups. It has a distinct comfort to its flavor that makes me travel to a warm comforter. You can see that comforter on my butternut squash cream. You  can actually pair it with some of your favorite vegetables.

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Homemade Sweet Chili Sauce

Food overstocking is one of the societies’ main problems nowadays. People fail to analyze their shopping pattern and end up falling into the same trap countless times. The food bought ends up expired or spoiled. Some items are also too sensitive having only around a week after it is opened. This is the weekly saga. It is vital we find ways to use them, specially when it comes to fresh food like vegetables.

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A Couscous Salad for Life

I consider myself lucky for having being introduced to culinary from all over the world by my dad. He always introduced us to culinary from all over the world, and it was quite an adventure for the whole family. Chinese food was the first one to be introduced, and it was so nice I even end up with the mark for rest of my life.

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Proudly Presenting the Butternut Squash Cream

Ever wonder why butternut squash has this funny name? I did and it is definitely not surprising why it is called that way. Guess why? Nothing?! Oh fine, I’ll tell you. It relates to the texture and the flavor of the squash.  “Smooth as a butter and sweet as nut” according to Dorothy Leggett.

The recipe today is one of those dishes which immediately go to the top list of food. I have too many contestants on my lists because I like eating too much. I love food, specially the ones which make me feel super awesome inside. This cream, this amazing cream, made it to number #1 position of my cream/soups. My absolute favorite vegetable cream. There is no other like it for me. It is my to-go comfort cream when I need to feel awesome inside.

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Creating Perfectly Fluffy Potato Pancakes

Savory pancakes and crepes make our meals one step closer to the savory bliss. They are fast to make and delicious. Let us not forget how delicious the pancakes are when paired with warm syrup, blueberries, chocolate, and many awesome combination. They are the regular to-go comfort breakfast. How happy we all get from the first bite of the fluffy pancakes. Although I love the sweet version of both, many times I crave for something that is perhaps a little less to the sweet side.

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Recommended Homemade Flour Tortillas

Thinking back about US, I remember the wonderful food I tried there. Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese were a part of my daily life. Although I did not enjoy Mexican food all that much, with the exception of guacamole, I still miss pico de gallo, burritos, carnitas, tres leches, tacos, enchiladas and many others.

Some of the most curious things to do in the kitchen for me are flour made, especially because it influences so much the outcome of the baked good. One thing I love to do are pancakes, crepes and pita bread. Today I felt a little bit more adventurous and decided to search deeply on my Mexican food memories. Guess what I thought of? Flour Tortillas.

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