Sautéed Mizuna, Japanese Mustard Greens

Mizuna is a Japanese mustard green from the family Brassicaceae (species Brassica juncea var. japonica). The weird bitter taste that hits your taste buds after taking a couple of bites of the nicely seasoned mixed salad greens. Although it is odd at first, the flavor is pleasant once you pair the salad with a good seasoning (ex. a thousand island). Then you try to find the source of that remarkable flavor, and after some tries you find out what it is. Nope, not arugula. It is actually mizuna and there is a large group of people who have yet to knowingly experience this mustard green.

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Quick & Delicious Dish: Oven Roasted Vegetables

Vegetables seem to have taken a toll of my life lately. Even my family thinks I am becoming vegetarian due to my newest food habits. I say I am just having a healthy dosage of food. There are plenty of benefits into becoming a vegetarian, if I wanted I would become one. Being a vegetarian for me just would not be the right fit. I can handle a few days eating vegetables, but I do like a nice piece of meat.

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Cooking Basics Lesson IV: Vegetable Cooking Guide

Remember the nice oven baked seasoned carrots you were planning on eating? You imagined they would to be very tender and still crunchy. However the results were a disgrace because they were a bit overcooked? Yeah, I remember that as well. It is some of the many experiences in the kitchen with vegetables. With that said, Welcome to the fourth Cooking Basics Session!

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Proudly Presenting the Butternut Squash Cream

Ever wonder why butternut squash has this funny name? I did and it is definitely not surprising why it is called that way. Guess why? Nothing?! Oh fine, I’ll tell you. It relates to the texture and the flavor of the squash.  “Smooth as a butter and sweet as nut” according to Dorothy Leggett.

The recipe today is one of those dishes which immediately go to the top list of food. I have too many contestants on my lists because I like eating too much. I love food, specially the ones which make me feel super awesome inside. This cream, this amazing cream, made it to number #1 position of my cream/soups. My absolute favorite vegetable cream. There is no other like it for me. It is my to-go comfort cream when I need to feel awesome inside.

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Daily Suggestion: Potato and Celery Cream

We go around life trying to find things that will makes us feel good and perhaps gives meaning to it. The latter one require an introspection, and perhaps time to analyze what we have in our hands. If you want to find something to make you feel good, you can do it easily. Small gestures from people, a beautiful day, lifetime events and of course from food as you know.

The fastest and easiest way to feel good is from a nicely prepared dish by our parents, for example. The effort and love they put into dishes gives them a much deeper taste and course comfort. This comfort can take us from a very bad day to a great one. As if everything would be good again. Some of the comfort foods I like are the creams and soups. Creams come first than soups as they have the ability to carry more flavor and being denser. So many ingredients can be added to make creams delicious and earthy.

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Supercharge Your Thanksgiving: Green Beans Curry

A turkey dish is a must in the Thanksgiving menu, and so are the cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. But the recipes can be a little different every year so you can spice up the Thanksgiving dinner for your guests and yourself.

My suggestion for today is to change the green beans dish a little. Lie. It will not be a little bit, you will have to introduce a different flavor to your table. Red curry. Adds another culture to your table, and introduces you to world of spiciness. The cilantro will be used to give color to the dish and as well the unique flavor it provides. Your green beans will be so flavorful, alive and with a new identity.

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