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Thanksgiving Contemplation

It is finally November, and I know what you are thinking about. Thanksgiving, I am guessing. You are thinking about Thanksgiving as well, right? I am sure I am not the only one thinking about this. As soon as we reach November, my food calendar synchronizes straight to Thanksgiving. It must have been because of the time spent in Louisiana. Oh good old times.

Thanksgiving feels like Christmas because people gather around and are thankful for the graces. It is a beautiful holiday that perhaps should be spread throughout the whole world.

My brother and I used to spend Thanksgiving with an Angolan family, so the holiday was a mixture of both Angolan and American culture. I loved the mixture between cranberries,  sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and the beautiful turkey with a special Angolan seasoning. A great mixture it was. Two cultures fused into one.

 Today I am just here to embellish your feed with beautiful photos found on the Internet, with Thanksgiving being the theme. Brace yourselves, temptation is coming 🙂

Amazing is the right word to explain the time I spent Louisiana. Very thankful I am to have lived those experiences in the little time I spend in the beautiful country of United States.

Feature Photo: Betty Crocker

Source Image: Wonky Wonderful, H-CDN, H-CDN, Food Network, Recipe Girl, NYT


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