Food Break: The bad Wolf

It matter not whether it fled or not, there was no way out. Ceasing the pursuit was out of the question for the bad wolf. Tiring was not a state for the wolf. Reaching this stage was almost impossible for him. The most important point was the chase.

The game for him was never ending, despite being stuck or locked up. The chains kept him free in his mind, thoughts and howl. He was looking for something to make him feel alive again, to break the routine. The current prey presented some of the needed features.

Gazing upon the prey gave the wolf a sense of challenge, control and future ownership. For the viewers, his eyes reveal one thing only, insatiable hunger. The one takes over your senses.

A part of the prey acknowledged the hunger, and decided to ignore. The ignorance took over just like the wave takes over the sand sometimes. Path this was leading was getting interesting. When the wolf moved closer, the hunger was impossibled to be ignored. There was no time to catch the breath, nor to regain strength.

A surprise attack it was. Or was it? The inner self gave signals, but they were disregarded.  The prey was not caugh by surprise. The prey allow the surprise catch her/him. The bad wolf was just a front. Unconsciously the prey knew where this was leading to, and the prey become the predator.

At the end, the prey was the bad wolf.

Lesson: When predators go after prey, they immediately assume their prey is weak and will fall into their trap. The funny side of the story is the predator can fall into its own trap. It is important to beware of your actions and the others at all times, and maintain your feet on the ground. Be vigilant of yourself. Always be humble, and smart enough to change certain life approaches.

Featured Photo: Crystal Life


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