Food Break: The Dutchman

Once upon a time there was a very nice man whom I will refer as the Dutchman. His origin was as obvious as his given name, the land of the Tulips, Netherlands. Tall as a light post with hair color that reminded me of a yellow carrot for some reason, and his face revealed the story of a man who had been throughout the world.

People have always fascinated me, specially if they have a great heart and personality. Perhaps I should say their experiences or stories kept my eyes and ears opened. I was so eager to know about them. As the box containing stories opened, the face of the story teller illuminated with all colorful feelings transporting me to a new wonderful world of adventure.

Natural as it seemed at the time, I sat by the Dutchman’s side while he opened up the book for me. Funny, sad, happy, good, bad people were a part of his amazing box. Everyone in a story was there for a reason, a blessing or a lesson. He seemed to have loved to work in Brunei, and it got me curious. It must have been because of the people working around him at the time.

While talking, the Dutchman seem to have opened the door to his soul. There it was, the perfect moment. The highest peak of his relaxation point at that place had been reached, and the inner child was revealed. Despite being depressed about some issues in his life, he never once stopped smiling. He just told me everything would be solved once his mind was clear.

A person can transmit so much than just words. Being with the Dutchman, I felt relaxed and fun. Above everything, he has thought me to think well before I take any big decision in my life. Many times we are so consumed with what we want and we forget analyze the reason why we want it exactly at that moment. Could it be for the wrong reasons? Could it be the wrong timing? What are the consequences?

Our feelings comes on the way of our decisions many times and blur it out. The situation that we are at the moment might be making us desperate, sad or depressed and thus making us want to leave. I am not saying we cannot take decision that might change our lives. The key thing in here is to clear our minds and analyze the reasons to our decision.

I am glad I met the Dutchman who in such short period of time has thought me so much. It helped me see beyond the blurness in front of me. Let the muddy water settle, and perhaps after studying all the alternatives make your decision.

Meeting people like this is the reason why I love people. Each one of them has an amazing story to tell and to teach. One person is a new book to be read, studied and enjoyed. What a beautiful soul! May our paths cross again. Never let your inner child die. Thank you, Dutchman 😀


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