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Summer Tips: Grocery Shopping

Summer time has arrived for the Northern Hemisphere of the World, while the Southern is now experiencing some pleasant cold like here in Angola. Although the weather is cold for us nationals, the cold season in Angola does not compare with the rest of the world. 21 °C (70 °F) is still considered summer for some people, so Angola is blessed when it comes to weather seasons.

There are numerous fun activities to do during the summer like music festivals, paddle boating, kayaking, hiking, playing ultimate Frisbee, swimming, picnicking, barbecuing, and many others.  My favorite activities always revolve around the pool and food. No need to say anything. I am a proud FOODIE ♥

Summer was always a great season during the time in the United States, specially because I felt home due to the weather and could improve my cooking style. I have to say it perfect time to improve some of cooking techniques or style because of the seasonal produce (vegetables, fruits and herbs). You can be more adventurous with them by putting in the salad, sauces, BBQ, drinks, so many options.

The variety of fruits, herbs and vegetables during the summer is so overwhelming. There were so many recipes seen during the winter / spring time that would like to try. With that in mind, sometimes the excitement takes over and then the pantry / fridge gets filled the seasonal items. Countless times those same items end up going to the trash.

Trashing food is one of the worst thing that can happen at the home. The reasons are pretty simple: people all over the world are starving, and this food could have helped them. Another thing is the money that goes to waste that could be used to do something else, like some painting lessons, going to your favorite restaurant or donation.

Since none of us want to trash food and still improve the cooking style, or should I say shift the cooking style from spring to summer, here are some tips that can help you better manage your shopping during the summer:


Plan Ahead

The starting point would be to make a list of dishes will be done during the week and its ingredients. Try not to stick only to one dish per day, add other that use similar ingredients. For example, making lasagna requires tomatoes and onions. Instead of only putting lasagna on your list, add other dishes that will require tomatoes and onions (ex. shakshuka) to avoid wasting and better managing the fresh produce.


Visit the local farmer’s market

Probably one of my favorite places to be during summer time. The perfect place to buy vegetables, fruits and herbs fresh to add to your inventory. Once the weekly list of dishes is ready, head to the market but try to lower the levels of excitement because there are many interesting items there. The farmer’s market is the easiest way to shift your cooking style by buying the produce of season. Be adventurous when it comes to them, try to some fresh herbs to your food.


Quantify your food

It really matters. Portion out your food to avoid buying more than you should. Make a small calculation of how much you and your family consume daily and buy the vegetables / fruits accordingly. One of the reasons behind the quantification is the nutritional value. The longer the vegetables, for example, are stored in the fridge, the lower its nutritional value. You should always go for the fresh ingredients, and a way to make that happen is to portion out your food.


Turn ON your fermentation game

Assuming you are left with many fruits, vegetables and herbs by the end of the week, you can pickle them before going bad. Fermented goods are a great addition to your diet. They are filled with probiotics, which help improve your digestive system. In case you fruit goes bad, you can always do a kissangua. Visit the post Pineapple Kissangua, A Fermented Drink for better guidance.

There you have it. Some tips that will perhaps help you to better manage your shopping during this beautiful season summer is. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to continuously improve our skills and change certain habits. Put it in action, and your food and pocket will thank you.


Until next time, Hungry people.


6 thoughts on “Summer Tips: Grocery Shopping

  1. Really nice information! Coincidentally, I did today my list for upcoming week as we are going to have visitors from Mexico. I prepared menu, visited markets and local farms. All this helps with managing time, saving food and money as well 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Vero. Yes, I forgot to mention that it saves plenty of time when it comes to cooking. I usually follow these tips, although sometimes is hard to resist the temptation of buying food. 😀 Since you have visitors, how did you menu come out? 3 course meal? Do you find it hard to portion the meals?

      1. I do understand. I have sometimes the same problem 😁🙈 I do find it very hard, to be honest. I will be cooking for 6 people, plus to have at least something for lunch next day for my husband so he can have hot lunch at work 😌 Mexicans used to have dinners more like a “buffet type”, if you know what I mean. However, I would like to cook something typical Czech – Slovak and there is soup, with main dish and can be dessert. But this time no dessert most probably, as none of them like sweets 🙈 And so far, what I have planned, is goulash 😁 and one dish with sour cabbage 😉

      2. I totally understand you, Angolans are like that as well 😉 Thankfully you don’t have to make dessert this time 🙂 I have not yet tried goulash, but I heard about it when I was in Romania. Sure it is a delicious dish 😀 You guests are being spoiled with your delicious food 😀

      3. I am quite happy not making dessert 😌😁🙈 It is good delicious. Actually, we call it dish for visitors. You can feed lot of people! 🙃 you should try it! Hopefully, they will! I like to spoil people who are staying with us even for short period of time 😉😍

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