Yearly Review – 2016

Happy New Year! May 2017 be a great year for all of us. One filled with love, health, new discoveries, happiness and many happy moments to share. Lets make it big.

I had many adventures since the beginning of 2016, went to Romania, changed departments on my job, moved back to my old department, rediscovered myself, ate more than I should, loved more, visited less places unfortunately, and finally moved to a new city for work. Most of the above mentioned events were alright, I could handle. However it was difficult year as I lost family members and some other relationships I cherish. Painful was the right word for most of those events. Nonetheless I went through an adventure of rediscovering myself that has been hard but most joyful.

You can live with a person for the rest of your life and knowing them very little. It is a bit scary. However there is something more scary than that and you probably guessed it right. Not knowing yourself. Not being able to answer questions related to oneself. Imagine living your whole life with a person you barely know? It is ultra strange, right? It is a road we must all go through for a better life quality.

Out of the road of rediscovery, I found culinary, or should I say cooking. It was the one thing that made, and still makes me happy every time I do or think about it. It is relaxing to chop some onions, sautee them and watch them incorporate into the most perfect lamb shank or a masala dish. The kitchen became my place of relaxation, meditation and mad laboratory. In there I recreated already existing ideas, and came up with many on my own. The light shine upon me, and I realized that perhaps what I have been doing all along is not what I am supposed to be doing.

I felt the sun shining again and at the right time. I rediscovered that food was and will forever be love. Love from the farmer who takes time to take care of this crops and animals, and from the cook who spends  hours coming up with amazing recipes to indulge the people whom he will be serving. It is love when a plate of food is shared between people, and when one is offered to other.

Love I discovered in 2016. A love that cannot be tamed and it is ready to be unleashed in 2017. Cheers for 2017! Lets do more good acts, unleash our dreams and passion. Let love be your 2017 guide. And Food as well 😀

Until next time, Hungry People.


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